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Repair guides for the variations of the Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop. This brand was manufactured from 1993 to 2013, and was owned by HP from 2002 to 2013.

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Spilled water on my laptop it wont turn on,what do I do?

A glass of water was knocked over spilling on to my laptop (Compaq Presario cq62) keyboard. well I turned it upside down so the water could spill out then I turned it on to see if it worked and it did BUT when I was trying to type in my password some buttons wouldn't type and some would, well when I tried to delete it wouldn't delete instead the delete button would add a letter each time pushed. So I took the battery out n turned it upside down and it stayed like that over night, well now we tryd using it but it wont turn on at all even if the charger was plugged in to it ,the laptop wont even turn on make any noise or lightup . what should I do or dos anyone know what could be the main problem!

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have u had any luck? I've had the exact same thing with my laptop too

Same thing i also experienced with my laptop and given it to service center and it is working now. But the problem am facing is whenever i turn on the laptop, every time i need to set the date & time setting & it is not saving also. Some body please tell me what i have to do now.

And also it is asking for battery replacement.

replace button cell on your motherboard.

I got my laptop wet with juice and it was a lot but it could still turn on for days but there was liquid on the screen…. Then one day I plugged in my charger then it just switched off and it won't turn on again but it charges…got some smell…I think something burnt on the motherboard I don't know …so is it the case ..mig I got a new motherboard will it work?

This happened to me too, A glass of water fell on me and my laptop (Yoga Lenovo) I can't really Disassemble my laptop since its a yoga Lenovo, I dried it as much as I can on both sides but it still won't open, I really need some advice I'm scared that it won't turn on again... What could I do to get it to open again?.... I tried what I could do honestly...

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Amanda, the main problem could be the repeat attempts to turn it on. I strongly suggest that you remove all power sources, like battery and AC charger from the computer. Once that is done, disassemble it using the service manual from here. Clean all the parts with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Check for any burnt or charred, or missing components. When it is properly cleaned, re-assemble and re-evaluate for any damage. Right now the number one priority is the cleaning to avoid further corrosion damage and to prevent any shorted circuitry. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hey thanks for the answer, but i did all that my computer cant go on if the keyboard id plugged in, unless i disconnect the keyboard

Mathy try a USB keyboard to see if that works. Ultimately it sounds like your keyboard shorted out. Replace it.

I spilled milk on the bottom of my Acer chromebook and it won't turn on at all. I charged it to see if it was dead and it still won't turn on. What do I do?

Hello i spilled water all over my closed laptop computer during the night I noticed it two hours after the incident. ( It wasnt on) I tried to get it to a dryer place to wipe it up and there was a pool on the top of the closed laptop. I cleaned it up and when I opened it and inspected the key bard I could tell some water got insinde due to water in some of the gaps of the mouse and some keys. I had to wipe the droplets and continued to inspect it. It was charging when this happened but the charger still works. So I took the male part of the charger out and it had a dot of water on it. After I dried it out for the most part I tried to turn it on. It wouldnt on. So I plugged it back in, No dice, Flipped it around and took the charger out, no dice, kept the charger out and left it alone till morning, still no dice, tried it after work still no dice! What Should I do?

@stupidsignup you need to progress the as way as described in the original answer.

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Hi if you spill water on Laptop, its very easy to get rid of it. I put my keyboard side to a very close distance from my heating panel. it should be upside down. after 10 hours i turned it on, and its working perfect.

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what are you going to do about corrosion?

did that but now my mouse isn’t moving AT ALL

But idk how to fix that cuz i can’t restart my computer cuz i CANT USE MY MOUSE


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First step you need to take is remove power cord and battery. Water generally contains ions which act as a conductor. Without electricity, your electronic components can not short out. It may be too late but it may salvagable.

Second step is remove the screws and all covers from the back. Laptop needs to be open and all components need to "breath". The reason for this is water tends to evaporate. If the water vapor has no place to go it condenses back on your components. It needs to evaporate away from your components (aka: in the atmosphere).

Now place the laptop in the sun for a day or two (depending on how much water you dumped on the laptop). You can speed up the process with a hair dryer if you are impatient but I would not recommend it.

After two days in the hot sun, pop in the battery and see whether it boots. If you components were not shorted, you should be ok. If they were damaged, try an external keyboard. It should work. Good luck and let me know what happens. Keep in mind that it is imperative that you do not have any electricity running to the machine from power cord or battery while it is wet.

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thanks for your brilliant advice, you ar a pro


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Hi I would like to ask help . my brother spilled water on my ASUS X540U laptop .. I tried to follow thr YouTube tutorial. Removed the charger, wipe off the water on the keyboard, let my device stand on its side and then used blower and waited for 3 hrs but it is still not working … please help me.

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Flip it upside down with the keyboard and the screen facing away from each other on top of a towel and set a timer for ten minutes then hold down the power button like you are restarting your computer. That worked fr me but idk

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I had the same water problem, i spilled water on it, on 2 occasions and once i replaced the key board. it was fine..

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Calculate the hours it will take to disassemble and reassemble the laptop to clean & etc and then compare or analyze that hourly amount against what you think your time is worth hourly, then add in the possible cost of a new keyboard and cost(s) of any extra parts maybe needed plus installation time and calculate again. (same as above). Compare the above cost(s) against the price of the laptop you are attempting to fix (remember it’s an attempt, no guarantees that will solve the problem).

1 - Write down cost of 1 - fixing and labor

2 - Write down cost of 2 - New (same) laptop or better.

1 minus 2 or 2 minus 1 = Your solution.

No disrespect at all to the FIXIT team, you guys are for real, and have been very helpful in most if not all problems posted…..

but on this issue,

Sincerely and best of luck,

Mr. Been there

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This happened to me too. I spilled water containing listerine but after 10 min it worked perfectly fine. Why is it working perfectly fine?

Mine it’s it’s working but it doesn’t work well because once you turn it off it stops working for a few days then it starts working again

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I spill juice on my keyboard and it's one of the laptop were batteries don't come out. I tried putting it on rice and I charged it afterwards. The laptop does power on when charging but it switches off. It does indicate that it is charging and does indicate on fully charged(green) flash and after like a couple of hours, it is low (red) flash

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