Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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How to solder the power port?

Using the steps at iFixit, I was able to open the case up to my friend's 3DS and and get to the power port. The question i have is, can I leave the motherboard in and just unsolder the power port and resolder the new one on or do I have to completely remove the mother board in order to replace the power port? The Current broken one is practically crumbling due to the fact that the bracket was almost all of the way out of the 3DS so when I opened the 3DS, it just fell out leaving kind of a shell of the power port.

Also, is there 4 soldering joints or only 2 for the port? That would be helpful for me. Thank you if anyone can answer these questions.

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better to put solder on the parts of the new power port and then solder those parts on? at least that's my inkling instead of glopping solder all over the contacts of the board. is that how you'd do it?

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You should not require gobs of solder. It may be enough to use a small amount of solder, and the solder that is already on the pads. Depends on what those ends look like.

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Lawrence, including the "bracket" there should be total of 6 solder points, two of the connectors. You can leave the motherboard in, since to solder connections are all on top of the board. Hope this helps, good luck

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Wow I originally only saw behind each gold plated connector, and 2 kinda behind the bracket. so i had to find the other two

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