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Repair and disassembly guides for the Compaq Presario CQ60.

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Laptop turns on but screen is black.

My laptop turns on, and I can see the light on the keyboard and power button, but the screen is black. I tried taking out my battery and holding the power button and put the charger. It didn't work.

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My Compaq computer is switching on and powering up normally, but although the opening screen (the encrypted texts, the logo of Windows X.P) shows up, the screen is blank. I switched it off and temporarily removed the battery several times over, but it keeps showing a blank screen. The opening proceedings are fine, but there is nothing displayed on-screen that follows. Please may you help me?

My computer it won't charge and its all dead how do I charge it without the charger

My Mini conpaq screen went blank at a sudden, what should I do? Any help pls?

Hi all I have a compaq presario cq56 and also came across the dredded black screen I tried all advised tips but to no avail I was about to store the laptop in the cupboard and leave to collect dust or to use as a door wedge when I thought id try one last thing....I put battery back in and I turned on laptop and wrapped it in a thick blanket so that it get very hot and shuts down by itself and left over night when I awoke the laptop was off I then plugged in the power adapter and fingers crossed pressed start button...hooray it worked my laptop is back up and running.. Please try what have you got to loose

The problem is the video card...... I have the problem

Solution..... change laptop sorry ;(

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moe, the first thing I'd do is to attach it to an external monitor. If the external monitor comes on, it is something with your LCD. Could be the cable, the inverter or the LCD panel itself. If the external monitor does not work, you are having issues with your video card, which is an integrated part of your motherboard. You can download the service guide from here and it should help you with your laptop. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I dont know but i hooked it to an external monitor and it didnt show anything. Is there anything i can do and is it worth it.

That is a depends question. Depends on what it needs. If you are sure it comes on but your display is not showing anything, it sounds like a bad video portion of your computers motherboard. Sometimes this can be resolved by a reflow, sometimes it will require a new motherboard. A replacement should not cost you more than $100 and it is cheaper than a new laptop....

If i connect an external monitor, it showing but problem with the attached LCD. When i turn on the laptop, the light of the LCD panel is working but the screen is blank. Sometimes it automatically working, if i restart the laptop again the same problem arise.

Please suggest.


I have the same problem but somehow the screen is fine but alittle pink when I open it on safe mode and I do here a buzzing sound sometimes at the right corner of the computer.

Hannah Santhe, that sounds mole like a mother board or inverter issue than a LCD issue. I'd repalce the inverter first.

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check your RAM look if its broken or not plugged in

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you were right man i thought i killed it thank man

Worked, thanks! I thought the screen had gone bad

please what is PSU?

How do i do that?

I have the same problem when i attach it to an external monitor but when connecting external monitor comes on,

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press the power button in 30 second you try


replace your memory ram then clean it with using erasure to clean the metal surface then put into second slot then try

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Hi there my laptop screen is black(blank) due to the fact that I changed the screen resolutions by accident, and tried taking the battery out and putting back in, didnnt work, also tried putting power off waiting for 30seconds then switching it back on, it shows how the laptop switched on but as soon as it comes to the logging in part it turns black, what should I do?

The best solution to presario CQ61 /CQ60..blank screen is to wrap the the system heat outlet with a black cloth or thick blanket for a while (3hrs) then restart the computer it should boot normally after restart and tnk me later

@moshino I create a new account just to comment "Thank you @Mosh for helping me out." Thank GOD because of this.

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Remove RAM and clean with an eraser clearly and replace...

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Further more replacement of ram cards ,fan and hard disk won't solve d issue

Heating the board either by halogen or enclosing the emission of heat from the system to a certain temperature will resolve ur problem

I Have tried it and it worked for me

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hello ,

i had the same problem , the screen is black but when I plug another screen by VGA it works ,

and the web cam works .

after 3 days searching and checking i found the problem and fixed it .

the problem is the video cable that connect the screen with the motherboard . because the screen closes and open many times , that causes the same cables are broken or corrupted .

the solution is to buy a new video cable ( before you buy, you have to specify the exact referance of the video cable ).

or , it is what i did ,

to fix the cable or cables that are broken by connecting them .

i did it it works correctly like it never happen. :)

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Thanks! this is so helpful! How could you determine which cables were broken? There are lots of pins on the connectors on each side of the cable, and I don't know which one goes with which one.

Thanks a lot!!

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Try booting your laptop using optical disk or bootable usb and see if your laptop gives you boot menu if not then either your screen has gone bad or VGA is overheating. if your screen has gone bad you can test that by connecting your laptop with an external VGA LCD using VGA cable and see if your laptop is displaying.

Good Luck.

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If you haven't already, you should remove the RAM, and reseat/replace one module at a time. Faulty RAM or a faulty RAM slot can cause no video display. You don't always get a beep code to tell you this.

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I have encountered this problem many times over the years

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This is quite common on laptops with Nvidia or ATI graphics chips, and is normally due to repeated overheating. How old is your laptop? If it is no longer in warranty, then your repair options can be quite costly. I had a Packard Bell SB86 which after 2 years use suddenly gave me the same problem. Check out this link: www.fixyourlaptopyourself.com. It explains how you can fix a range of laptops with this type of problem yourself, and without too much hassle - unusual technique, but it worked for me.

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www.fixyourlaptopyourself.com has been suspended, is there any suggested link you can recommend? thanks

The website is up and running (maybe it was temporarily down for maintenance?). Try again.

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al this is due to the motherboard.....after using laptop do not overcharge....ok cut the chase lets go to the solution...

1. turn off and unplug battery n power cable

2. press power button for 5 min max

3. dismantle laptop carefully

4. clean fan compartment with small brush if deas alot of dust

5. unplug processor and check heat paste...if worn out re paste new heat paste

6. leave laptop dismntled for 24 hrs max...this to discharge electricity from board

7.now assemble and turn on....shud be working now if not

press power button off and on immediately several times and check screen.

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brother my laptop display screen when i press with my finger on f3 key chip there (H) is writen no the chip

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It Can Be Causing The CPU Or GPU On The Motherboard.... You Can Consult Your PC Or Laptop To An Technician

By The Way.... Do Not Do It By Yourself It Can Cause Electrical Shock.

Cheers, Erol

-Microsoft Community

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My laptop powers up normal but no screen. If I open and shut screen it flickers on the straight off again. Will do this everytime I open and shut the screen/lid

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Dear Friends I Can Explain How to fix this issue -

Please Follow And Test Every Steps Given Below -

  • Turn Off Your Computer And Wait for 5 min .
  • Plug The Power Outlet With Computer
  • Press The Power Key And Hold For 30 Seconds It May Turn Your Computer Back On
  • For Any Other Steps Visit Fix Laptop Black Screen Problem

This Worked For Me See If This Helps You to fix the Problem .

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Hey guys. I have similar problems like u guys are experiencing. for me it just happened outta no where. I was done using my laptop and I switched it off. Few hours later I switched if on and it just showed something white it's doesn't display anything. I tried holding the power on for 30sec but it didn't work. I have no clue what to do next. It also changes color by itself but shows nothing at all. I Need ur help guys. ASAP.

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I also had similar issue. The laptop booted quite alright but nothing was showing on the screen. I tried most of the suggestions except removal of ram because I didn't have appropriate screw driver. What solved the problem is a post I saw on another site which is pasted below. It might be of help to you. Here's the post:

"For people like me who are supposed be a tech expert and tried every thing on a display problem laptop here is ans--

maybe your hinge is broken and the wire which connects display to motherboard is stuck between hinge

hence try opening laptop and move that wire a bit so it don stuck again

my problem solved by this

Laptop - Samsung np00e5z-aodin

(quite old )"

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switched the ram sticks and seems to be working well for now

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