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A DVD player by Sony, released in 2002.

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To play a cd on a dvd player, procedure to be adopted?

I need your advice in playing regular cd on a dvd player,the screen says it cannot play since it does not read the software

what is the procedure to be adopted,can we adopt the software in a card and give a link to it.Kindly guide me since we cannot add a player for every format and have number of cd &dvd players at home.Trust I have explained.Thank you

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NARAYANAN LAKSHMANAN, you did not tell us what kind of CD you want to play, there is a limitation on which CD's are playable. Get the manual for the DVD player from here and check on that. " it does not read the software" could be one of those limitation and it might help if you can give us the exact error message.

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I am at the moment out of my headquarters and I am likely to be back on 21 MAY 2013,I will report back the error message in verbatim when I get back,many thanks for the useful tips.

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The version was recorded on MPEG-4 VIDEO FILE then burnt on cd,while playing back on DVD player sound is reproduced visuals are not produced .

error message says it does not support this format what should i do should i opt for a different format if so which format please guide me


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NARAYANAN LAKSHMANAN, yes that is correct. this player does not support that format. You will have to convert the MPEG format to VCD format. VCD stands for Video Compact Disc. Video and audio are encoded using MPEG-1. You could use a program like VSO ConverterX-to-DVD to convert and burn it to DVD.

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