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Wii console input output doesnot work

I have a Nintendi Wii console which doesnot respond to any input commands from the Wii remotes. It even doesnot power ON with the remote.

turning ON the consile using the power button on the console indicates it turned ON ( orange light to green light) however it doesnot provide any video output or take any remote inputs.

Inserted the disk and it took it in with a single blink of blue light.

I also tried connecting the console to other set of sensor, remotes and powersupply this also did not solve.

Please help. .... It was working fine for more than a year

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Did you perform the correct sync of the remotes with the console? You make no mention of it. It's described in the owners manual.

On the Wii (while powered on) flip open the little rectangular door on the front. Press the red button. Immediately after that, open the wii-mote battery compartment and do not remove the battery. Press the red button you see there. Then press A on the Wii-mote. The first little blue light should come up on the wii-mote.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Good Luck.

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My Wii one day all of a sudden stopped working (potentially like yours).

It would turn on, and give a black (black+sync) signal to the TV, but no sound/picture. Also, the drive light eventually flashed, and the Wii-motes would not connect or sync.

As your drive light is working, i assume the basics are still alive (CPU/motherboard). This is good.

After much messing around, I stumbled across another Wii (for spare parts) and swapped the Bluetooth module into my Wii.

This fixed the problem, it boots up fine, and is working perfectly!

Apparently the WiFi module can also cause a similar problem, so you could try swapping the bluetooth and/or WiFi modules from another Wii to check.

If it IS the bluetooth module, i know sells them for about USD$8.

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If you get just a black screen it means the system is failing to boot up. As Matthew stated it can be the bluetooth card that is either disconnected or has gone bad. Make sure to use the correct tools to open system so you don't run into any problems.

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