F6 key is out of control - No Standby

My F6 key is out of control. Without being pressed manually, it functions. F6 on my Mac is keyboard illu up. This comes randomly, every minute, every hour. But this is not the problem overall - due to that problem I cannot go into standby, cause when I close the Mac it goes into standby then wakes up cause "the key is pressed" and so on and on and on. I have to turn him off completely what for a Mac of course is a state of no-go.

I have removed the key, removed the nibble, nothing helps.

Can anyone help me and my 5 year old baby? New keyboard top case is 200 $. Cannot invest that.



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You could try remapping that key. There's a setting in System Preferences->Keyboard:Keyboard Shortcuts-that could disable or change the key for control OR there are software apps. for that.

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Thanks for your answer!! I tried it, but it did not work out. When the Mac is on, the keys are locked. I tried KeyRemap4MacBook. But when the Mac is in standby the tool won´t work and the defect is still there. :-(

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