MacBook Not Turning On, Charging or anything at the moment!

I fix iphones and started doing Macbook Pro's as a little hobby! Already fixed a water damaged 15" and now on to a 13" one!

When I plug the charging into the Macbook Pro it just shows a green light on the charger. I left it over night to see whether the battery was completely dead went to try and turn it on this morning and nothing! Then I put my Macbook Pro battery into the broken laptop to test it, still did not switch on!

The Macbook will not switch on with the battery removed and plugged into the mains.

What could the possibilities be now?

Any help, tips, guide for the next step/testing would be great!

Many thanks in advance.

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Are there signs of corrosion? Burn marks on logic board? You but a new battery in the machine - did you test the old battery in a known operating machine?

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Could be a bad power button or cable to the logic board... could be damage to the logic board.

You could try a logic board jump start...

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