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2011년 상반기 모델, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 또는 2.7 GHz i7 프로세서.

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Dual Hard Drive install procedure


I have read your install procedure and some cable seems to be a little risky to remove. I also discovered the OWC procedure which seems to be less invasive as they propose to remove some screw and just move a little the airport/bluetooth module instead of completely unplugging it.

What do you think? Will it also work with you Dual HardDrive Case?

The OWC procedure can be found here

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Both methods work here. I think the video can explain shifting the parts aside better visually Vs static web pages. Which is most likely the reason the other method was chosen.

I would say the risks of damage are about the same as you could damage the cables by forcefully yanking on them Vs having the sharp metal edges of the optical player or HD carrier snag the ribbon cable as you sneak the optical drive out and the HD or SSD in.

Do what ever you are more comfortable with. This goal here is to not damage anything in the process ;-}

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