questions about replacing LCD from standard glossy to hi-res matte

I have a MBP 15" mid-2012 A1286, I was not able to get matte screen at time of purchase so i have the standard glossy screen.

I would like the hi-res matte. is this doable to replace the screen?

im guessing i would follow a guide similar to this:

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 LCD Replacement

or would it be more trouble than its worth?

i was going to order anti-glare screen protector but quality looks horrible and this seems like a better option.

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Yes but is is an advanced DIY project. This would not be the project I would start with as a first Mac DIY repair.

You'll need, in addition to the part, all the recommended tools (every job is easier when you have the proper tools). Study'' (not just read)'' the guide, many DIYers do more damage to the logic board by ripping connectors off because they do not unlock cams or pull in the wrong direction.

Only you can know how much time and money you're willing to put into this project.

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