Which component could be damaged by magnetism?

My girlfriend accidentally put a 5000 gauss magnet on the keyboard, near the trackpad while the computer was running. Suddenly the computer broke down.

After that, i can turn on the computer and i only can see in the display an icon of a folder with that symbol on it "?". The hdd make an strange noise. I have replaced the hdd and i have introduced the instalation dvd in the superdrive, but when i turn on the computer the display still in white and nothing happend. I have tried to push "c" button for start from the dvd device but nothing happened.

I think that the keyboard could be damaged because the capital letters ligth doesn't work when i push it.

The rest of the computer seems to work fine. I can hear a normal noise and the display turn on...

Do you think that if i replace the topcase the computer could work again? Or maybe the magnetism could damage more components?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Have you tried holding down the option key when powering on? Sometime that will show boot devices when other options fail. It's also another method of troubleshooting the keyboard.

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The POST is such that it wants (actually instructed to search) to find a valid startup folder (what that graphic indicates is absent) if you leave it for a few minutes it should automagically poll the optical drive bus for a startup disk on its own, unless the drive is damaged.

If you have a boot disk on an external HD and the computer is not damaged it should find/boot from that.

I do not know what, other than the HD can be destroyed by magnetism,… but the keyboard circuitry, wireless card, optical drive and fans might all be within range.

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I was thinking about that...

Maybe if I install the mac OS in the hdd from my imac could work...I'll try.


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