13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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stops booting, can still here some sound but screen goes gray

After it worked fine the macbook went first in to hibernation when booting up, tried to reset the pram but it did not help, then I started it up with the installation disc with no problem, checked the harddrive with the disc utility and it did repair it, when I started up again it boots to a certain point, then the screen starts to go black, you can still hear some sound in the background and sometimes the screen comes to life again for a second or two before going black again, I retested the harddrive and it says it's fine so I reinstalled Snow Leopard but it didn¡t work, then I formated the harddrive and reinstalled the snow leopard on a USB pendrive and tried to boot from there but same result, it starts up, goes all the way to the music and welcome screen and then the screen goes black, with the sound in the background, if I push enter och space, sometimes the screen lights up again for a sec, sombody said it might be the harddrive cable ?? Thanks for help

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Connect to an external monitor - does the same thing happen?

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i have a pc laptop, can I use that as an external monitor?

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NO - you need an external video (projector or TV).

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Well, it took a while here in our outpost on the baleric Island to find a cable to connect it to the projector, but, good news, it seems to work, the computer is not going black, so is it the cable?? I also knew that the harddrive(toshiba) is missing the thorax screws and I suppose it good to put those in to fix it, thank you so much for your help,, what do I do now

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One thing to try from your external monitor - delay or turn off display sleep… that may (or may not) have an effect on this problem. Now you know that your GPU/logic board is not part of the problem (very good news) The finicky part is to figure out what's the bad part. Your symptoms point to a failing backlight or inverter/controller (depends on the age of your machine if you have an LED you have a controller, if LCD inverter) The LCD backlight is fluorescent they sometimes flicker as they fail. I know of no DIY test to point to which component is bad. FWIW replacing only a backlight is a very advanced and difficult DIY project - I would replace the entire display. The cheap easy repair to start with is, if you have an inverter board, replace that.

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first of all, thank you so much for your help, I did try to turn of sleep mode but it did not help, seems that the computer goes to sleep before it[s charging the settings, the internal display works perfect up to coming to the desktop, then it goes black, if I boot with the external connected only the external display lighs up, the internal stays black, if I boot with the installation disk the internal works fine all the time but if I boot with the mac disk or usb it goes black. An other thing is that I lost the airport, isight and backlight, the bluetooth works, when I look for the camera in hardware it shows up, for the airport I don't really know, I have wifi under network, but not under hardware, I do suspect that the technician that went throw the computer (and told me the hardrive and the logic board was failing) fortgot to plug the cable in but I really don-t know, before giving it in they did work, the computer is a late 2008, aluminium macbook 5,1

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