Problems in charging + electrical noise

I recently acquired PowerBook G4 laptop, seller said that it works OK otherwise but battery is dead. I bought it and quickly tested that indeed it works fine but battery won't charge.

Later I discovered that there is faint electrical noise coming from the machine when charger is connected, not from the charger but from the machine. I also noticed that Coconut Battery and Apple's own system info both display that the battery should have some capacity left, charge cycles are 159. However, sometimes the laptop shows maximum capacity to be something like 4000mah and then it may drop to 2800mah, also sometimes the machine claims zero charge cycles. Charge led sometimes changes from green to orange but only for a brief moment.

Also, I have three third party chargers which all have been tested to work in another machine but none of them work with this machine. No even that faint noise let alone charge/power up.

I have already tried resets and I did order new battery before discovering that something might be wrong.

So is it problem with battery, dc in board or motherboard?

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Yes - could be any or all of those. Once you connect your new battery you'll know more.

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Yes, new battery will answer lots of things.

Small update though, the machine is trying to charge the battery after it has fully depleted. After this there is one blink in the indicator leds on the battery and the led on the charger turn orange. However, when PowerBook battery is being charged, those leds should lit in order, then all fade and come back again, it does not do that. Also after a while the led goes green. After this it seems that the battery will not accept charge for some times, but I have take it out and keep pressing the indicator button one led will eventually be lit for couple seconds and then fade away slowly, after this I can repeat that cycle. During the time the battery is accepting power the charging led on charger works correctly, remove battery results in green led and putting it turns it orange.

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