Internal display not working (not showing anything but backlight work)

MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Mid 2010 Internal monitor stops showing picture, only grey screen. External monitor works OK.

All details here at apple discussions

Any thoughts gentlemen?

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I suspect video display cable damage or defect 0r HD in the one with no display. Are you swapping inverter boards? Bring the bad to the good, vice versa.. any change in the working machine would verify the source.

Try swapping HDs or booting the problem machine from some other source to verify/eliminate.

It might be the GPU but generally when they fail there's no external video.

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Dear machead3,

As i wrote in details at apple discussion, please check link

I have replaced display, also display from this laptop is working fine at similar laptop and display from working laptop showing same issue at first laptop. There is no any problems with HD. Also i did NVRAM reset, it not helped me.

Maybe you mean some other inverter that is not inside of monitor?

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Nope - that's the one. Some things are beyond A DIY repair. About all you can do at this point is replace the logic board… or while it's out send it off someplace that can perform a test… there's probably a bad component on the logic board - what that is I couldn't guess.

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