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Spilled coffee on MacBook Pro 2.66ghz

hi Im new to this site but Ive seen that it is highly recommended. a week a go I spilled coffee on my MacBook Pro well actually spilled coffee on the right side where the power botton is and on top of the speaker... the mac is protected with a iskin keyboard protector...dont think any coffe enter in the keyboard... but the mac shut down and the fans where going full steam could hear them. also had a ispeek cover protecting the body. i flipped it up side down after and notice that no coffe came out of the keyboard and from the fans also nothing came out.. no liquid.. but smelled coffee from the machine. A few hours after the machine turned on and everything worked great but when i put a cd ó dvd in the super drive it doesnt eject the disc it reads the disc fine My question is I have a insurance policy here in spain bought the mac at Corte Ingles Malaga in Jan 2010 it only has 5 months going on 6!!! my seguro covers every type of accident except if its stolen apple doesnt cover liquid spills

I called them and they said they would pick it up could take about 2 weeks o 4 weeks to fix it o if they see that in the long run it will fail possible change it for a new one..

Should i risk sending it to them and let them fix it, Im a musician and work the whole time with my mac....would it better to let tem fix it o risk the time factor..ahh also near the power button after hours of use it makes a small noise like a sping is being realesed.. what should i do...

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was anything in the coffee?

Sugar... but not sure how much..most of the coffee spilled on the desk under the printer....and under the MacBook Pro but still im a bit worried. ive tried everything to eject the disc...but nada.....it is sunday evening here in spain and monday morning going to call my seguro. should i be worried.

or just let the insurance take its course and hope nothing is wrong..mybe it just needs a good cleaning...i hope or thay might have to replace the superdrive....and some parts

ok its now 10 at night here in spain and my mac just ejected my disc....?

Not sure what to do everything else looks fine and works ok...it´s not over heating or anything..but I´m going to work on video right now to see if it over heats..the name of my insurance company is called Groupama Seguros. They cover liquid spills..do you think i should send it to them to check it o fix any parts damaged? I´ve heard of stories that after 6 months the computer could stop functioning...due to the spill. my seguro is 6 month free Im in the 5 month ...in june it will be 6 months. i extended.....to make sure if something happened to my mac it would be covered. so after june I will be paying a quote for extending the seguro another 6 months. need some advice quickly since this mac is basicaly my whole office...help!

Hello Shane, Its great your problem has been solved. Would you please copy the comment of May 27 as an answer and accept it so the answer may be archived and available to others with similar problems. +

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Bueno...it is now may 27,2010....been without my mac pro for a bout a week...after sending it to the insurance company..hmm well today they called me??? and it turns out that the logic board was damaged, the right fan was not working, the super drive was damaged!!!! the battery was also damged..en fin...MacBook Pro..not worth the repair!!! after holding my breath for about a min... The company told me?? We are going to replace it with a new one!!! in about 3-4 days!!! yup you heard it right..a new one..thank God for insurance that works!!! Here in spain..i bought my mac in a store calle Corte Ingles..they have a insurance policy that covers everything except stealing..if you get it stolen you are out of luck!! ..and the good thing is that it is free for 6 months!! you have 6 months of insurance that covers everything....well as soon as i get the new one will write to let you know how it works..it will be a later mid 2009 model..2,66ghz bueno un saludos todo los macforeros!! Que Díos os Bendiga!

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Hi Shane. I've recently had a very similar accident with my MBP 15" (spilled coffee over the keyboard). I bought my computer in El Corte Inglés too (in Cádiz, Spain), and also signed the same insurance policy. I sent the computer two days ago, and now am waiting for a response/diagnostic from the company. Could you tell me please how much time did it take to you? I'm very worried about all this, but after reading yor messages I feel more hopeful.

Salud! Take care.

This is not an answer, is a question to a self-answered topic, I hope I'm not violating any netiquette rule.

Hello Curro i sent my MBP 5/18/10 and on 6/8/10 recived my new MacBook Pro core i5 2,4ghz...have pacience...normally with coffee spills the mac is ruined!!!:_( but with this seguro..they cover everything accept robbo...it´s better to be without your MBP for a few weeks and then recive a new one....my experience with Corte Ingles fue una maravilla!!! I highly recommened buying your apple products there..be pacient...let me know how everything goes..for me also it was time and money because of my work...music,video ect..but the wait was worth it..hope all goes well Curro no tema...te FE!!! un saludo amigo. P.D. what model do you have? MBP?

Thanks to you. I suppose I still have to wait for a week or two until a response from the insurance agents arrives. It's good to know your experience was a maravilla. I was afraid because I was told by the telephone girl that not everything was covered, so they had to make a diagnostic first. I think those kind of answers are routine, the goal of this insurance policy is to cover accidents like ours.

It is a huge pity, my MBP was a 15" i5, 2'4, it was barely three months old. I'm musician too (bass player) but these days I'm more focused on my PhD thesis, so the lack of the computer is a complete pain. I feel más agobiao que espinete en una cama de velcro. Hope this nightmare ends soon. I'll let you know what happens. Otro saludo para tí. Un abrazo. Thanks again for yout comments.

Well hope all goes well, since it was only 3 months old..then don´t worry..you policy should cover a new MBP ;-) . one question i have for you did the MBP turn on after the spill?? If not don´t worry....since you sent it they should change it for the same model. In my case they exchanged mine for a new core i5...since my other mac was a 2 duo 2,66ghz...Can´t complain!!since the core is the new model. but even for being 2,4ghz with the turbo boost and hypertheading can bring out about 2,93ghz..for music and video projects it gets the job done....did´nt want to pay the other 150€ for the 2,5ghz.I understand how you feel about not having the mac...mine was about 4-5months and bam!!! coffee spill!!well let me know what happens, the only problem i se with the cores is the temperture...but with SMC fan control..helps me keep the mac cool..bueno espero que todova bien amigo mio...y cuando estas en malaga busca mi escuela y tomamos una cafe..eso si sin los macs cerca!!jajaja un abrazo

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Hola Sara, Wait till tomorrow and see what happens? It´s a pain that Best buy does´nt cover water or liquid spills? The best thing you can do is make sure that no coffee got into the motherboard. I would do the rice thing it´usally works fine.. and also make sure it did´nt touch the battery?? I imagine that the coffe on the floor was´nt a puddle?? I live in spain and bought my mac in a comercial center that gave me a 3 ó 6 month coverage for any kind of damage except robbery?? if the mac is good and you don´t notice any power problems, fans working fine..then what i would do is open it up to see if the coffee touched any parte or just the bottom piece got a bit soaked? oh did the mac shut down when you spilt the coffee?? if so just wait to reboot it..Tomorrow would be a good time to see if everything is alright? let me know how everything is funcioning? if everything is fine get some insurence to cover any kind of damage..it´s worth it since macs are very very expensive...Excuse my english but I´ve been living in spain for about 11years and my english skills have deteriated a bit...well Sara hope eveything goes well..keep me updated ok..take care and God Bless

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“ I'm more focused on my PhD thesis, so the lack of the computer is a complete pain. “

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