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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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ipad does not charge after screen replace

i need help. I change the screen by myself following guide from this web, when i done the ipad is working good 100% but when i plug the charger nothing happened, i review all connectors again and everything is correct, now ipad is dead and i can't charg it from any source (computer or wall) i used two diferent cables and nothing. Any idea for solution please?

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Hello guys, i have kinda similar problem. Screen replacement on ipad air 1 went ok but after it ipda is acting extremely weird when it comes to charging. When ipad is on and screen is locked/standby mode then it wont charge, the moment i press home button or power button to wake the screen up ipad starts to charge. I even tryed to test it with new digitizer bc it might be something wrong with digitizer i placed...still the same problem. I am using voltage meter to check how much it goes in ipad and when screen is turned on ipad takes 0.91 - 1.20 A and the moment screen goes off i can see 0.00. Im thinking it can be charging port failure but i am not quite sure. Any help would be appreciated.

I had the same boot loop phenomenon issue.. gave it for repairs to replace battery ic and screen.. technician has given it back... but now it doesn't charge at all. and he said he has added 100% original parts.. how can I ever know..? now I have spent money of it.. and have nothing working. Another issue was the charging was not happening from some cords and some plugs...:( please help

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Look closely at your battery connector inside the iPad (or don't, because you can live with this problem). You will see that you have accidentally flicked off a tiny component at the battery connector. This component is necessary for the battery to communicate its 'gas gauge' to the logic board. Without it, the iPad will charge and discharge just fine---it will just never move its percentage. Despite whatever percentage the iPad shows, if the real percentage drops below 1%, you will get a boot loop phenomenon....the iPad won't 'know' to prompt you to plug it in, so it will continue to attempt to boot with no battery.

You can live with this, and just make sure to charge the battery regularly.

Or of course, your problem could be something else entirely....but I betcha I'm right :)


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You are a life saver. I've been looking all over the web for anything similar to my problem. (iPad 3) Had a cracked screen, ordered replacement parts, was super careful, and put everything back together and this is exactly what happened. Battery must have died and it is stuck in this boot loop phenomenon. Only problem is, I can't seem to find this tiny component to flick back on. Could you explain where I could find this? I feel like I've looked everywhere. Unless my iPad doesn't have this switch. Your help on this would be absolutely amazing. Thank you!

iPad 3 does not have a gas gauge filter that is commonly flicked off like the mini. In iPad 3, a boot loop can often be caused by 1--tearing of the flex between the mainboard and cell board in cellular models. Or 2--If you pulled up the board off the battery, and it is not re-seated on the battery then you will see Apple logo then nothing. If you did NOT pull up the battery when doing your screen change, then this probably isn't it either. Tell us more (start a new questions) for iPad 3 and we can help you.


I have a similar problem with Ipad Air A1475. After screen repair, IPAD works fine, but I can't charge. The port recognizes the plug, but it never charges. Now it's completely drained and even though I have left it plugged in for an hour. I've tried a hard reset, but no success.

you can probably charge it if you put it in recovery mode. A usb ammeter will really help you to know if it is charging or not.

I have the same problem with my ipad air...after screen replacement it got stucked to 3%...i think it is charging coz the ipad is heating a bit..i am so dissappointed with the technician , but i am also worried that if i return and let them "fix" it, it will be worse... please help me..

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Last week i repaired a ipad air. just as we do 3 times a day no problem what so ever.

Normaly i charge the battery before i give them back. But because the client needed the ipad i did not have the time to do so.

The client called me the next day and told me the ipad did not charge any more.

there also was no connection to the computer possible.

I told him this was strange because we never come in contact with the dockconnector ore the connector on the board.

but because we give service we would take a look at the ipad.

Problem was that this was the second time that there was a screen replacement and the first time it has been done by a other company so i wanted to check the ipad very carefully.

Then after removing the screen i tought about something i noticed before when i removed the screen.

one of the screws that hold the lcd connector was not in place. it was the screw on the right side between the to flexcables of the touch screen. i put i a new screw as we have those on stock. thinking of a mistake i made ones with a iphone 5 where there was a wrong screw and i got the blue screen of dead. i removed the screw in the ipad and it started to charge again.

i checked the screw again against a other ipad i have in for repair and the length is oke. removed the screw from the other ipad and put it in the ipad with the cahrging problem and it stopped charing. so now we have a ipad that has one screw less but at least it works.

moral of the story please keep your screws on the set place when removing from the ipad. i am glad i could solve it do because replacing a motherboard of a ipad air cannot be cheap.

hope this will help someone.

With regards



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I made an error when replacing my iPad mini 2 screen when I had reconected the LCD screen and battery I went to put the small protector plate back on and used the wrong screw (slightly longer) in the left side bracket (the one closest to the battery) which caused it to snap off I didn't think this would be a problem as it didn't look like it was attached to anything important so carried on putting the the iPad back together I tested the screen everything worked fine up until it needed charging the iPad no longer charges is it possible I did damage the charger port flex or could it be something else thanks

hey.. I have a question, I beg for answer! I repaired my iPad 4, I replaced broken digitizer, but while repairing I didn't unplugged battery.. can you tell me please what is the possible damage? thanks

Was there anything wrong with it thereafter?

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Hi Danny,

  • Double check to see if your new parts are good, make sure there are no signs that the ipad is not on other than seeing nothing.
  • It is possible that you may have damaged a couple of components around a connector, Please take a couple of high resolution, focused photos of the battery connector.
  • Other than that possibly the flex cable for the charging port, make sure its seated, and there is no physical damage. If you have access to a replacement I would try that.

Good luck

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There is a connector at the other end of the flex cable that probably came unplugged. This usually will stop any charger recognition. Give that a shot first

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Same thing here with me..screen replaced as i have done many times but for the first time a couple of issues

1. does not power up tried other cables and even plugged into PC which does even recognize the ipad mini

2. screen is unresponsive at times although if i squeeze the bottom right of the screen it works for a while

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umm i have a question too. how do i know the actual percentage of my iPad

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At first, double check the settings, under battery. There is typically an option for the %. On my iPhone XR, the notch uses up space, so if you pull down from that same corner, it expands the tools menu, and shows more detail. Click and hold those quick keys ie flashlight or calc, for even more options

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I had the same issue when I was testing before closing up an iPad air. Then I thought to put the battery screw and lcd cover screws in and it charged beautifully. MTCW

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i changed the screen on my ipad mini 2 and it worked fine for a few days went to turn it on and it went blank only way to get it to do anything is by plugging the charger and even then its a black screen with the apple logo goin in a loop please someone HELP!!! i dont want to take it apart agian but if i have to i will

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Perhaps you accidentally pried the little chip by the connector of lcd

you need to repair the logic boards

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Hi All,

I have an iPad Air 2 in for a battery replacement today however the iPad powers on when turned off and then plugged into power but doesn’t charge.

Also, when changing the battery, again it powered up and showed 85% power and showed as charging for a few seconds and every time I tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect it powered up from the cable but then doesn’t charge at all.

Then I found that the battery power level was increasing slowly but not showing as charging.

After then putting the old battery back in and powering on from the charging cable it shows as charging but staying at 7% for about 20 minutes or so and then I turned the iPad off and back on again and still showed as charging but down to 5% now.

A little confused.

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