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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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My phone overheated and won't turn on, what do I do?

I left my phone outside in my car by accedent, now it overheated and won't turn on, what do I do?

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Sage Jurado, how do you know it overheated?

cuz it was hot

my phone have same problem but it was next to me while i was sleeping in the morning i couldn't even hold it in my hand and it show a red ! in the top of left side when i put it on charger and it is not able 2 start i tried to pres volume up power and home key it start i reboot my system nothing happened i wipe the data and nothing happened 2 any idea plz send me mail bashar.19002@hotmail.com

I had the issue when I got up in the morning. I panicked but left it for a few hours, like 2 hours, and then tried turning it on. It said it needed charging so I put it on charge and waited. it turned back on and all seems fine.

honestly it felt like it was going to explode or set on fire.

Will my phone explode if it stays hot and wont turn off ?

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Sage Jurado, remove your battery and check on it. See if it shows any deformity. It is very unlikely that you damaged the logic board, most likely it is the battery that failed. I'd suggest that you replace the battery and re-evaluate from there. Hope this helps, good luck.

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what if its an iremoveable bettery

i cant rove it i have the sNMSUNG GALLAXY 6S EDGE

My phone got too hot...my stupid fault, and wont work either! I can turn it on so i dont think batter got damaged but the screen is BLACK! CAN I FIX THIS?

@dumbchic how did it overheat? Why do you think the battery is ok? What make and model is your phone?

I'm having the same problem, I have an iPhone 6s and I think it overheated cause I stupidly charged it last night even though it was at 100%.

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Try letting it cool down. Then try turning it on in several hours.

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I need an advice.please reply me soon as posible.my samsung tablet is suddenly turned off when i was playing a chess game and when i tried to come back from it.untill now it doesn't on and the battery is over heated.i don't know what to do.i tried to turn on it back but it didn't work.the screen is black in colour but at the same time there is a small light coming from it...can anyone help me to on it...please give me any option .i can't remove the battery because i can't remove the back as it is not allowed...

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Did u try to change the

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BATTERY Sorry FOr Mistake

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Remove the battery and check to see if it is deformed this can cause it to fail. if it is the battery replace and then evaluate from there.

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Cant access battery to remove it ...phone is Nokia Lumia 1320

Will it explode ? Please let me know ...im scared

when I turned it on its shows a notification.. that you phone is over heating now and its doesn't works properly

samsung glaxy j7 device

please help me

Hi there~ I had a similar issue, when I woke up the phone was suddenly overheated and i couldn't remove the battery as in was inbuilt. I was really worried and scarred to put it on charge cause it my blast or something. then i was looking through the internet to help me and i found the answer.

For inbuilt battery phones, you just need to press the power button and the volume(-) button at the same time for like ten to fifteen seconds... and viola the phone will restart. Also for some phones the volume (+) button might also do the trick. This solved my problem , i don't know why my phone over heated so I'm also gonna take it to the repair store just to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

All i can say is god bless GOOGLE \(^.^)/

This was a great help. I held down the power button and the - volume key for about 15 seconds and it turned on. Thank you so much for the information

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This happened to me this afternoon, my phone is in my bag and then my friend called, when i hold the phone it is hot then suddenly turned off/black background then i press the lock button for a long time but nothing happened, i hard reset it then it turned on. I read an article about the phone will turned off when overheated to avoid accidents.

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That good to know.i was trying to find a answer to my son phone and found one to mine.mine goes black I have to restart it.never new it was probably keeping it from getting too hot.but my son has the Kyocera .and I can't turn it on . battery doesn't come out.and when I try to charge it the top of it gets hot,? Didn't it burn up? And have to buy another phone? Less than 6 months old

I got a phone like the one I have in Winston Salem, when I try to charge​ it,it GOT HOT.Verizon replaced the first one-no charge, Sent it back to Ft.Worth,,Texas and I received a new phone and it's doing the same thing.A message popped up on my phone telling me that they gave me the WRONG CHARGER FOR THIS PHONE,Now it's doing the same thing-GETTING TOO HOT when it's being charged.

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Please be advised that myself, nor this web page can be held responsible for damage to any device, should an attempt at repairing one's own device fail. Always make sure to consider hiring a professional repair shop to fix your device for you.

Diagnostic steps for not charging:

1) Check for a blocked port (Lint build up can keep a cord from fitting in properly. if the frame of the plug is not flush with the device, using small tweezers, and being careful not to damage pins, pry out any dust or lint.

1) Try a Known Functional Cord. (Works on another device)

2) Excite the battery: Hit the + and - of the battery with an external power supply for approximately 10 minutes. (Be sure to verify you are using the amperage and voltage that the battery can handle. (Located on the battery with the specs.)

If the device boots, then the battery is functional, and you can continue forward with your diagnostics.

3) Scan board, and Flex circuits for physical damage. Looking for signs of blown or chipped components. Scorch marks, or corners of components broken off. Replace as needed, and test again. A 10X+ microscope assists very well in this stage

4) at this point, plug in the device again, and check if it charges. if it isn't, then go forward with replacing the charge port itself.

5) if replacing the charge port does not fix the issue, then you are experiencing an IC or board failure, in which case, it will just be better to replace the device.

---I hope this guide has helped you in your diagnosis.

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2) Excite the battery: Hit the + and - of the battery with an external power supply for approximately 10 minutes. (Be sure to verify you are using the amperage and voltage that the battery can handle. (Located on the battery with the specs.) This isnt a very good idea. and most people do not have the proper tools to do this. I wouldn't suggest it.

Isn't that what you do when you are plugging in the charger to charge it. :)

when you plug it in with the charger, it goes through the charging circuit, which needs a relay to tell it as to whether or not there is a battery plugged into the device.

if it does not get a minimum voltage or 3.1V, the battery will not be recognized, and it wont charge. my process of "Exciting" the battery, raises the base voltage of the battery, allowing the circuit to recognize it.

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For Built-In Batteries try to Press the power botton and the Volume(-) at the same time. It will help for a hard reset . My Phone Overheated and wont turn on. Mine is O plus brand and it is a Buit-In Battery.

What Could a Possible causing your phone Overheat?

1. Using it while charging.(Not included using Power Bank)

2. Charging your Phone - Drain or 20% Up. ( Charging it for too long will Overheat your phone too.) 3. Leaving it in a Hot place.

4. Not Shutting down all running apps.( It will take percentage even if your phone is off)

I Hope this Help. Share your Thought in the comments below and make sure to answe YES , as a Thank You.

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My iPhone 6S overheated when I was using its hotspot to download HD Netflix onto an iPad 7. I don't know if this changes anything, but everything seemed to be working fine until I decided to switch my Netflix downloads to HD instead of SD, when it overheated to a temperature uncomfortable to touch. It could have happened either way, you know, even without switching to HD. The hotspot automatically disconnected and the phone began to cool down and eventually the "overheated" warning screen disappeared and I was able to use the phone again. Only problem was the screen response was jerky, not smooth (for example when scrolling). I turned off my phone to hopefully fix the situation but now three days later I have tried everything I know and it will not turn on. It won't charge (on a cord which works for all other devices) and I have tried holding every combination of two buttons for fifteen seconds or more with no results. I was able to remove the SIM card and use it successfully in another device.

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put your phone in the fridge for a hour with the battery out. make sure the battery is undamaged and if it is replace it. my phone did this and i tried this method and i worked

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my phone shut off because it overheated.The phone is on and still working but the screen won’t turn on. What should I do

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