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모델 A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 또는 3.4 GHz Core i7 프로세서, ID iMac13,2

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How to get the display glas off of the LCD?

Heard that the display glass is fixed with the LCD at the

Intel iMac 27", A1419 (EMC 2546).

But is it possible to apart the glas from the Display? Then i would order the "Front Glass Replacement" via:

Shenzhen Green Electronics Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Best regards, Wolfgang

Update (06/06/2014)

O.K.! – What do you think about my plan for replacing the front glass:

Getting me:

- The iMac Intel 27" EMC 2546 and EMC 2639 Adhesive Strips (included 1 pice iMac Opening Tool)

$19.95 Product code: IF174-005-1

- The replacement called: "Intel iMac 27" Front Glass Replacement- for A1419 (EMC 2546)

...and routing out someone with experience with UV glue and glass (maybe a glazier?)

Best regards and thanks for your help,


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Hi Mr. now much have you pay for LCD from china ? i want me too one but it's wery very expensiv.


I am working on the unglue in it. I am 20% off i have been applying heat and metal cord to separate the surfaces, pretty messy and I will try the no heat option and the dental floss. I have two breaks screens, one the Lcd and the other one the glass, trying to make one of it, I will add some update soon.

Wish myself luck

let me know result.

I successfully took apart and cleaned off glue from lcd. It's easier than iPhone as the lcd is not as delicate. I hope I can find the glass portion only and it's impossible. this is the closest website I could find that lists a possible direct contact to a manufacturer. I have cleaned the glue off the lcd using goo be gone.

Take the computer to any glass shop and let them cut you 2mm clear glass, wont be perfect (no black frame anymore). I tried to paint a black frame but paint wont stick to the inside since the double sided tape is peeling the paint out of the glass. Searched a lot for that part and i couldn't find it. best option is to cut out glass, as I said. If you feel artistic paint it, but from the outside...

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The screen is glued to the glass. I have not heard of anyone separating them yet. It's Apple part #661-7169. Can you give us a link to the part you're looking at?

Here's the iFixit teams review of the 2012 21", it's the same for the 27":

The new iMac, with its ultra slim bezel proved to be a disappointment to the iFixit team, because both the glass and the LCD are glued to the iMac frame with strong adhesive, which negatively impacts repairability.

The late 2012 iMac 21.5" – code-named EMC 2544 – is an exercise in disappointment for us. We were quite worried when we saw that super-thin bezel during Apple’s keynote, and unfortunately we were correct: the glass and LCD are now glued to the iMac’s frame with incredibly strong adhesive. Gone are the lovely magnets that held the glass in place in iMacs of yesteryear.

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Thanks for reply!

So I realy have to think about this option...

Believe it or not, I successfully replaced the glass (not the lcd) iMac A1419. I brought a hair dryer and a fishing strip and started removing the glass pieces slowly and succeeded removing them. The only issue was I accidentally scratched the lcd. However, it’s working 100%. When removing the glass, you have to pay attention not to pull on a side while the other pushes down and cracks the lcd. It took me 8 hours. After 2 months, the kids dropped the whole thing and cracked both screen + glass. Keep in note that you have to get quality glue or the screen will fall and the ribbon cable will break the port on the motherboard.

I have the same screen A1419 and there is a small piece of plastic in the middle of the screen it is stuck to the LED Panel. Drives me crazy! When I first set up the computer I watched it move about an inch. It seems stuck where it is. If I could open th panel I could blow it back to the edge. It seems like a tiny bit of dust /plastic. About 1/16 of and inch. Any thing anyones knows I could do to get rid of it?

@Tarek Hesham Where did you aquire the glass?

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Sorry, I did not take any pictures. Nor did I put them back together. I cracked the outer glass on my iMac and just bought a new screen + glass assembly to fix it. Since the LCD panel is still in working order I decided to take a shot at separating the two. There is a ring of double stick foam tape, the same stuff that holds the glass panel to the aluminum housing on the iMac. Break through that with a guitar pick. Then with a LOT of patience, a credit card and some baby oil you can separate the screen from the glass panel. Don't use heat or METAL objects, just be patient and take your time. Braid a couple lengths of dental floss together to get. The middle where your credit card can't reach. If I were to put the screen back together, I would probably just use the same 3m foam adhesive strips I used to reattach the new screen+glass to my iMac and forget the goop in the middle. My original plan was to find a gutted 21.5" iMac body, install the screen in it with an lvds > HDMI adapter + a compatible power supply to make the 21.5" cinema display that never was, but quickly scrapped the idea because apple uses a non standard LVDS that no one makes an adapter for. And there are no gutted iMac bodies to be found.

Update (08/20/2015)

Just want to say that it is possible to separate the two . contrary to popular belief, they are not "fused" with UV glue or epoxy or anything like that. There's a relatively thick layer of silicone based non-curing adhesive holding them together. I scraped about a 1/4 cup of of it off the screen when replacing the cracked glass panel. FWIW, it smells EXACTLY like post it notes and baby oil eats right through it. Just don't use anything metal to scrape it off the LCD display.

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Do you have more details on this or pictures of what you did, and what you used to glue them back together?

Having trouble sourcing just the replacement glass. Do you know where it can be purchased?

Did you buy just 2mm Glas to replace the broken glass?

Hi Ryan, I've just managed to separated the glass from the LCD housing BUT, it seems the LCD panel is glued to the glass..

Indeed, the housing has the same adhesive stripes than in the iMac case, but after removing it, and have access to the layers of backlight etc. the LCD is still attached to the glass, the same way it is for the iPhones.

I don't understand what you could manage.. did you seperate this LCD from the glass or not ?


Hey dudes. Smae question here. Lcd is very fine, no dead pixel. Only cracked glass. I was researching whole the web to find any solution. Justa wants to not buy a whole Lcd assembly. The glass should cost me around $40 bucks. Ryan, did you succeeded on that task? Have you done the glass assembly? Thanks!

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You can do it with the right equipment if you want to, but it will take more time for an individual display? Nobody is going to try this as a DIYer unless you have some guts and can risk it. The only people crazy enough to do "glass-only" is a repair shop due to scale justifying the high risk. For an individual, the risk makes no sense.

This is truly such a job that the average person WILL MESS UP and ruin the attempt. I could probably do it without damage (or at least, to be able to recover a good display from bad glass), but my skillset isn't average. It's non-zero, but if I can get a high-end 4K LG IPS LCD by taking a chance on a free display with broken glass I'll take the chance I will botch it.

Anyway, if you want to do it you need a glass separator machine (this will cost you a few thousand bucks), bright UV lights, and UV LOCA glue to re-bond it to the new glass. If you get this wrong, the LOCA glue will penetrate and ruin the display. So yes, it is possible. It just doesn't make sense for most people to gamble on a losing battle.

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Thanks for reply!

The replacement is called:

"Intel iMac 27" Front Glass Replacement- for A1419 (EMC 2546)

and is offered by "Shenzhen Green Electronics Co., Ltd."

Best greetings,


Hello Ryan and all,

Did the new or used assembly you bought come with one or two connecting ribbons on the screen?

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One advice: don't do it.

The glass is bonded to the LCD. you have to cut it off using some wire. Putting it back on is not possible without expensive equipment.

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You can use double sided tape on the lcd (black sidings) and on the glass... But pay attention to dust getting between them.

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The glass is just a square order of double Dimond clear float glass, A glass shop cut height and width for me. (cost $30)

laid it on the iMac and traced the corners with a very fine felt pen.

Then bought a glass cutter and cut the corners just a bit larger than they should be.

Used a belt sander with an extremely fine grit belt, and had had someone spay water at the contact points between the glass and the belt sander as I slowly wore it down to the felt pen marks.

cleaned the glass well with non ammonia glass cleaner.

Placed it back on the iMac and marked the black put areas. Used a quality frogger masking tape to cover the centre screen viewing area that was not to be painted, used a small round sticker to cover the spot for the top camera lens. Lightly just touched the areas to be painted with 240 grit sandpaper. cleaned glass again with soft no lint rag and no glass cleaner. Used ceramic black spray paint from 2 feet away, making 3 light coats, placed in a pre heated oven at 250 f, then turned it off so it would heat fast but cool slow. This bakes on the ceramic paint

Cut the glass off the screen with floss is the best way, twist a few stands together, but it will take a lot, do not use heat at all.

Do not use UV fluid, it is a horrific toxic substance that your bring into your home.

I am using just clear non acid based high quality silicone (fish tank silicone) to glue the glass back to the screen. Just a thin even coat that I dropped 1 corner on first and slow laid the rest down. moved the glass in different directions to work out the extra chalking. Final positioning, wiped off the extra oozed out chalking with vinegar then let it dry over night. Then reinstalled the screen, Note that it takes 2 weeks for the silicone smell to go away and would not leave it in my house for the first few days anyways, a garage is best, cold will not affect the bond or the cure. I want to try wild colours instead of black, but it has to be ceramic paint, for all other types will loose bond with the glass after a short while, really is a low cost fix.

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do you have picture of your work?

Does anyone know if the a1312 glass panel is cut to the same dimensions? If so you could just purchase it.

Would be great to see some pictures

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Where can I buy a machine to handle A1418 and A1419 screen separation ??

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I just completed the process of separating a nearly demolished glass panel from the LCD. It was a tedious task involving a lot of cussing and convoluted facial expressions over the course of about two hours. I started with a separator tool (you know the one with the flimsy tip on one end and a cute but worthless thin circle of plastic on the other. That was a waste of about 20 minutes. I changed to a metal ruler (with a cork backing facing the LCD) and a hairdryer. I figured that I was already looking at having to pay for the entire LCD glass assembly if I failed and only the glass with some double sided tape if I pulled it off (literally).

I spent nearly an hour and a half heating the screen just enough to loosen up the glue and wedge the ruler a little deeper into the void. Once I pulled off the last of the glass, I scraped the LCD face with an old credit card until I got the big lumps off. I pulled out the goo gone and lightly spritzed it on the screen (careful not to get too close to the sides). I tried to wipe the goo gone off with an old wash cloth but it was only getting stuck and sucking the goo gone off the screen before working it into the glue. I went up to my bathroom and stole some of my wife’s make up cotton circle things. They are just the right combination of sturdy and gentle. I used them to work in the goo gone and a new dry one to sop up the mess. I used a total of maybe six or seven of them and the screen is completely glue free.

Would I do this again? Heck no. There were some light scratches on the LCD when I was done and the cleanup was awful. It has been a little more than an hour and I still have sticky forearms despite vigorously washing several times with soap, glass cleaner, goo gone, and a host of other cleaning and grease busting products.

You can do this but is it really worth saving $150-250?

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do it to save the enviroment!

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Why bother putting back a glass ? The LCD works fine and even better without it. https://www.pizzaundervolt.com/2020/12/2...

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