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Bulb wattage too high, lamp no longer works - how to fix?

The lamp instructions said to use a certain wattage bulb - unfortunately I did not read this and put a bulb in that was too high. There was a small bang and the circuit breaker switch flipped off. I had to go to the fuse board in the kitchen and flip the switch back on. Now the lamp doesn't work. Is there any way to fix this?

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Sathya, the higher or lower wattage will not cause this problem. Table lamps are usually rated at a lower wattage due the heat the light bulb will generate. This could potentially be a fire hazard and is not good practice. A watt is a measurement of how much electrical power a device consumes, you are not looking at how much light a bulb puts out, but how much energy a bulb uses to put out that amount of light. Replacing a light bulb inside a lamp with a higher wattage bulb shall not harm the light. Let us know what type of table lamp you have and what type of light bulb it uses. It does sound more like having a problem with the lamp socket or the wiring at the socket. Unplug the lamp and check the wiring. If you need help with that post images of your lamp and the socket with your question. Hope this helps, good luck.

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go to the store and find a replacement inside fixture. you can fix easily.

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