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GPS antenna location and connection

I like to know

where is the gps unit is located in the iphone 5s

and how does it connect to an antenna (where is it, how does it look)

thank you

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There is a screw hole on the very top of the logic board, beside it are 2 contact pads. The one one the back side is for GPS signal.

It is connected to the top frame through a contact washer, the frame itself is the antenna.

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thank you,

are you reffering to the screw in the middle of the frame

that holds a bracket that lays under the gps modul?

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Sounds like it.

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thank you very much, hope I can rebuild it well :)

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You can send a photo?

I still have doubts.

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This is still not clear. Can I get a picture please?

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I'm having a similar issue. I replaced my battery and the cable that connects the sleep button, silent switch, volume buttons etc but now my GPS doesn't work. I have ensured that the contact washer at the top of the phone is positioned correctly and is fastened down securely. The compass app works fine but Sat Nav is useless. I have an app called GPS Status that shows it has a poor fix and accuracy of 65m. The only other damage to the phone is on the motherboard. On the far right side of the motherboard where the camera and 4 other ribbon connectors are the ring where a double three screw fits is broken

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