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Released February 2012, identified by model number BP220.

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Why is my Blu-ray player not reading my disc?

We put in our disc and pressed play but it says disc cannot be read. How can I fix this?

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Sorry to hear about your trouble. It is not uncommon for Blu-Ray Disc Drives to fail, especially in devices like a playstation. The reason why these fail can vary from device to device, based on use, location, age, many reason. One sure indication though that this is simply a failed Disc Drive is the error messages "Disc Cannot Be Read". The 1st simple fix I would try is to get a can of air duster and blow out your Blu-Ray. ( Make Sure It Is Powered Off) If that doesn't work, then there are a few fixes, such as replacing the Disc Drive or the Laser that reads your Disc. Either way your Blu-Ray needs some maintenance.

Good Luck!

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While it plays DVD's just fine, when you put in a Blu-ray, it comes back with a message that Signal cannot be found. The player worked fine for the first two months (earlier this year) and then stopped reading Blu-rays of any sort.

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Were you able to resolve the issue with LG Blu ray player. I am facing the same issue, Is it the standards for Blu ray player. DVD work fine, only the Blu ray disc are the problem

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