Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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The battery is exhausted and no longer relit

I tried to test with a multimeter in dock , and seems it if you have voltage on the image that I put those two capacitors they no longer comes voltage, I have to know where you lose

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if you 've tried with another battery, but if the connector when connecting the cable would be something on the screen , as no load or something

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That is why you need to check the dock connector as well.

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rcolladoj, check the battery connector. Make sure it is still fully attached to the board. This model iPod has a tendency of breaking the battery connector of the board. Also make sure that your ribbon cable is properly seated. Whenever you check with another battery, make sure that the battery is working in another iPod. you would not want to check with a battery that is not working either. If all that is okay you do want to check the dock connector, make sure that it is clean and has no broken, bend or corroded pins.

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accurate, this will be the error, and as I check ?, is best to repair or replace ?, not how. and where you purchased the piece?

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