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high definition plasma tv model no. th42px75u will not turn on

When the power button on the TV is pressed the power light on the TV flashes red 7 times then pauses and flashes again.

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I suppose it is a Panasonic TH42PX75U?

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And then what how do we get it fixed? Call a TV repair shop? Call Panasonic?

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tmvaz, have you followed the steps in my answer? If it is the same TV with the same issues and the same result, replace the SC board.

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Cynthia Preston, if it is a Panasonic than the 7 blink code indicates that the Y Sustain Board, and possibly the SC/SU boards have failed. They need to be replaced as a set. This was a known issue and Panasonic used to cover that even after the warranty had expired. Pin 93 of the MPU IC9003 monitors the status of the SC, SU, SD board. If the SC, SU, or SD board become defective, a high is provided to pin 93. The TV will shut down and the power LED blinks 7 times.Unplug the SU and SD boards power. If you still get the same blink code then you verified the SC board as defective.

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