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What is this burn on my logic board?

Sorry for the REALLY bad quality photo, but what is this burn looking mark on the back of my logic board? My phone was water damaged, if that helps

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

EDIT: Here are a few more pictures -,omECOXe,jt3sAJG...

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downtoretail, that image is very difficult to interpret. You should consider posting a couple of better once. right now it looks like your EMI shields got discolored from some heat. I suggest that you remove it and take a look on how many bad/destroyed components you will find under there.

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Wow! Thankyou so much for actually replying - it really means a lot!

I'll google how to do that, thankyou!

Here are some more picture I took:,omECOXe,jt3sAJG...

It looks the same as when someone spills petrol on the floor; that purple-ly swirly look. But it's only near the 2 things that look like vents

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The area with the vent holes is where you have your backlight driver as well as your memory IC's. So you definitely need to take a closer look under the shielding.

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