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Whats wrong with my 2000 Honda Accord odometer?

Just recently got my 2000 Honda Accord. When i was driving home i looked down and saw that the numbers on my odometer are all cut up and you cannot make out what the numbers are. Is this a connection issue, do i need to replace the backlight or is there some kind of problem with the pixels in the display? its not a huge problem but is sort of an inconvenience and there have been some discrepancies on the title they gave me with the miles on the car. I would like to get this fixed to solve that issue and i would like to know how many miles are on the car as well as how many miles i am getting to the gallon seeing as of right now im going off what the internet tells me my car gets.

Thank you for your time and helpful responces

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Odds are someone was screwing with the odometer . If you've recently purchased the car its how people with low moral standards make a car with 300000 look like it only has 100000 . Even if you repair the display odds are you wont find the true mileage. If you do want a working odometer go to the wrecking yard and get a used one there easy to install

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Look through the answers to the same question here: How do I fix my broken odometer?

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tylerisbell, push with your fingers on the display see if it cleans it up,and if it again becomes distorted when you remove your fingers. It could be as simple as a loose connection or a cold solder joint on the back of the instrument cluster. I would try and resolder all of the connections. If that fails you may have to consider replacing the cluster. It is not a backlight issues. If it would be, then none of the numbers would be illuminated.

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