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The Kindle Touch (D01200) is 4th generation of Kindle e-readers produced by Amazon. There is Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/3G capability, all uploads are done by USB cable. It has 4 GB of storage and two months of battery life.

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Screen showing partial screen saver partial reading material

Why is my kindle suddenly showing lines down the screen and partial reading availability its displaying nearly all screen saver. Its fully charged and wont turn off also,

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You may have to perform a hard reset to restore your Kindle.

A Kindle touch can be fixed by resetting, though your credentials and data may be lost through the entire process.

The reset on this device is a hard reset

Make sure the Kindle is turned ON. This is an important step!

Press the Power button for at least 20 seconds. It should turn off at about 20 seconds.

Wait for it to reboot – wait a minute or two. If it doesn’t restart on its own, press the power button to turn it ON.

Your kindle should be back to a responsive state.

You will have to go through the setup again and then synchronize to put your e-books and other data back on the device.

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Hi had already tried that originally but hadn't worked sadly the screen didn't alter but I appreciate the suggestion and would love to know what next as this was the only idea I had ?. Regards Marcia

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I would try and see if I could "update" the device (see link even if I only reload the existing version, hopefully this might restore the device. Here is a link on how to do it manually

As with all firmware updates, ensure that your device is FULLY CHARGED before you start and that nothing interrupts the process. That is why it is sometimes better to do it manually than to rely on an automatic update via the internet option. Also be aware the just sometimes a firmware update can fail and render your device inoperable. This doesn't happen often but it can. Updating the firmware will restore your device to factory default so if possible backup all your data and settings before you commence.

If that didn't solve it my next option would be to disconnect the battery, press the power button for 10 sec to drain any residual power from the device and then reconnect it and see if that "resets" your device. (see link on how to disassemble your Kindle

Failing that, next I would try replacing the motherboard.They are reasonably priced on Ebay. I realize that you might not wish to do either of the above yourself but maybe a professional service centre could repair it. Contact one and ask for a quote. I'm sorry I cannot think of anything else to suggest

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