Waterproof action camera (model no. CHDHS-101) released by GoPro in July 2015. The Hero4 Session shoots 1080p video and 8MP stills.

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How do you get the battery out

it wont turn on and i need to remove battery.

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Without completely ruining your brand new GoPro, you can't. End of Story.

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El equipo esta sellado no podes retirar la misma a mi se me ocurre retirar la misma fresando la tapa trasera retirar la bateria, repararla, lo que tengars que hacer y luego fabricarle una tapa sellarla y hay carcasas para el mismo modelo para sumergirlas a 40 metros de profundidad, no creo que exista otra soluciòn, por lo menos tuve una mejor soluciòn que la empresa Ifixit.

Saludos Victor

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You can try freezing with dry ice to make the seal adhesive become brittle so the front and back cover come off easy instead of what is shown in this video where the opposite... heat was used:


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