The Sony Xperia Z3 is an android smartphone released in 2014 known for it’s long battery life and durability.

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How to Jump fuse

I need guide on how i can jump the fuse on Xperia z3. My vibration stopped working. And where can i buy a fuse like this blue mark) for replacement in case the jump don't work.

Block Image

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Have you tested the fuse to confirm it's blown?

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Nah, it was working before after i replace the screen it stopped working. I think the fuse is gone.

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How will you know unless you test it ? You think soldering a wire across is easier than using test leads on multimeter ? lol

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@lebane I'd definitely use a multimeter and check for continuity. If the fuse is truly blown, replace it with a proper one. Since your image comes from the service manual, I assume that you have that. Then you know that the fuse is Sony part number 1265-7224 which is a .25A 1X0.5mm fuse. There is a reason it is fused and the last thing you want to do, is cause a bigger short circuit. If you must apply a jumper to test it, just solder a piece of wire across the top of the fuse. You can buy the fuse at places like this as well as on here

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Thanks for your reply. That's the fuse i was looking for. I have a multi-meter but what do i need to give power to the fuse after soldering the wire.

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Oh and how much volts do i need to apply on that type of fuse.

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You do not have to apply anything to the fuse. The circuit is within the logic board and the fuse sits on solder pads that connect it to the circuit.

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Ok thanks. So just soldering the wire on the top of the fuse is enough for the jump.

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You have to check for continuity first , you've been asked twice to do that?

If the fuse tests bad then what? Your going to wire the fuse direct by bridging it? That's NOT jumping that's bridging a fuse.

If the fuse is bad you have to find out what caused it , if you don't , think about it, the surge in the circuit now can't escape through the emergency door (the fuse), and where's it going ? To all sorts of places to cause more damage and you will Really need jumpers to rework traces.

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