bent the pins for DVD drive connector

In my excitement to upgrade my sshd I managed to knock the plastic cover for dvd drive connection exposing the small pins on the motherboard. I then proceeded to make it worse by putting the plastic cover back and now some pins are bent and 1 broke off. You can laugh! I deserve it. My question is will it still work if I straighten and replace plastic top carefully or is it a waste of time. Please help? Sarcasm accepted as long as solution is included.



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The one broken pin might be important, so having it missing won't help. Might be cheaper in the long run to buy a usb dvd drive. More cumbersome but alternatively maybe cheaper than getting connector fixed.

You could always try, very very carefully straightening out the remaining bent pins. you don't want to break off any more (remove the battery first), plugging it back in and see how it performs. You might be lucky. as the missing pin might only be necessary for a function that can be otherwise overcome. make sure that the "missing pin" is still not sitting in the connector area or anywhere else in the laptop for that matter.


Thank you! I think I'll take your advice about the USB dvd . I love opening electronics and i pay the price here and there. I appreciate you taking time to give an answer!


Forgot to mention make sure that the bent pins aren't 'shorting out' to each other. You don't want to create more problems

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