Samsung에서 제조한 Samsung Galaxy Note 5는 (Note5로 불림) 스타일러스를 탑재한 phablet/패블릿 스타일 휴대폰입니다, 2015년 8월 출시.

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How do I best fix my screen

My phone got dropped in slush and now there is a slowly spreading stain black/ purple stain on the screen. It stared off small then it took over the whole screen. The screen hasnt been responding to my touch nor to my stylus. It does turn on.

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It needs to be cleaned with 90 proof isopropyl alcohol. You also need a new display assembly. Both your LCD and your digitizer are compromised.

Here's parts

Galaxy Note5 Screen and Digitizer

Here's labor

Samsung Galaxy Note5 LCD screen & USB board & Home button Replacement

Galaxy Note5 Screen and Digitizer 이미지


Galaxy Note5 Screen and Digitizer


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