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iPhone 5s not starting up, ic issue

Can we replace the ic board in iphone 5s. The shopkeeper is fooling me from 2 months saying we are not getting the matching IC Board. Is it true apple has such unmatching ic board issue ?

Please help me with my question !!

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My guess is that you are looking for U2 Tristar Charging IC, phone turns on with known good battery but at worst stuck at apple logo (or not charging and turns on with good battery) boot loop (restore, battery and charging dock repair already done).

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Dinesh Jain not exactly sure which IC board you are looking at. I suppose you are talking about the logic board. Yes, those are hard to source since you cannot purchase them officially from anybody. they will have to be purchased from otherwise broken phones. They will also have to have the right home button and other items that are paired to the board to ensure proper function.

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