Apple의 MacBook Air 13" 2014년 4월 업데이트에는 참신한 듀얼-코어 i5 및 i7 프로세서와 더불어 배터리 성능을 약간 향상시켰습니다.

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HELP!Near the SD card reader pole SMD specifications

Near the SD card reader have a smd inductance ,who can help me make sure it's specification ,

Its position as illustrated

... Thanks

Block Image

更新 (2016年03月04日)

It was gone this is mca air A1466

Block Image

Block Image

as illustrated

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Are you using hot air or just soldering iron for those jumpers?

And why did you need them to begin with?

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because the original disappeared

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@chenyuchih it is a bit difficult to identify exactly which component you are pointing to. A image straight down somewhat zoomed out would work better. Right now it looks like the component you are pointing to is L4400 which is a 47NH-1.3OHM inductor in a 0402 package

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thanks for your answer ....thank you very mach...when I back home I will take a picture then could you answer me again please

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@chenyuchih thank you for the additional images. It verifies that the component is L4400.

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Thank you very mach ,

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