Small, easily transportable laptop released in 2012. The Gateway LT4004u is best equipped for simple uses, including web browsing and typical office or school applications.

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Why is my laptop loading slowly?

When I try to pull up graphics, it takes a couple of minutes for it to load. How can I fix this?

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Hi! There are a couple of reasons this may be happening. Your issue may be caused by a limited battery or an inadequate RAM. There are solutions for both of these problems. Check out the troubleshooting page to get more information on how to solve them!

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1) Uninstall unused programs

2) Automatically delete temporary files

3) Install a solid state drive

4) More hard drive storage

5) Prevent unnecessary start ups

6) Get more RAM

7) Run a disk de fragment

8) Run disk clean up

9) Give your computer a static IP

10) Hoover out the dust

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Many issues with video in laptop is that they share the Ram on the Motherboard instead of having a separate video ram. Looking at the Specs it has 1 Gig of ram and has NO ability for a RAM upgrade. So if you want a better video capability I would recommend you to purchase a better laptop. Since they are cheaper now you should be able to get a 300 to 500 dollar system with 8 Gigs of Ram and Windows 10 Preloaded.

Sorry thats All I got for this un-upgradable system.

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