Support for gas-powered and electric golf cart, sometimes referred to as golf cars, or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand.

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reset eletric motor on a yamaha golf cart

there i s no reset button on the electric motor on my Yamaha electric 48 volt golf cart

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dskilt, what are you looking for with a reset button? what is your cart doing or not doing?

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Got on my 2013 yamaha electric golf cart and the person who used it forgot to plug in the charger. I drove it anyway to the clubhouse where it quit running. I pushed it back to the shed, plugged it in. Came out 2 weeks later, the charger said it was charged but cart is dead. I plugged it back in and charger said it was charging. Came out the next day and charger said fully charged. Same thing cart was dead. Any Ideas. Is there a reset button?

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