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Why dont I have a clear picture anymore?


My Sony Kdl 50 W 656 ASAEP TV is not working properly anymore. Just in time after the warranty ran out the picture starting to show some thin black bars followed by the picture suddenly being all colourful and now its all black. The sound is still working but the picture is just black now and doesnt show anything else. Instead of buying a new TV i'd like to fix it.

Would be cool if anyone could help.

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@timme could be an LCD issue (let us know if the black bars were horizontal or vertical) as well as a T-Con board or mainboard error. If it is the LCD that has failed, it will be a difficult chore since they a replacement is hard to find and more than a new TV. I'd start with the less expensive T-con board

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Hi, thanks a lot for the fast answer. The black bars were horizontal. The thing is that I have really no clue or any expertise in anything technical so I don't know what a T-Con board is and how to go about fixing the TV. I just find it very suspicious that it stopped working just as the warranty ran out. I'd like to know if its really broken and beyond repairing or if it can be fixed.

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Horizontal bars are usually indicative of issues with the LCD. I hear your suspicion but sometimes it really is just a way things go. You can always check the T-con board and the power board. Post some images of what you sre looking at with your original question so we can see what you see. Use this guide for that Adding images to an existing question

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