Can the ampere consumption damage my battery?

hello people!

two months ago i bought a brand new original battery for my macbook pro (model a1278), the thing is, my computer started to complain about the battery condition like almost right away (i realized about that like a week after installing the new battery)

some stuff to consider before the following question:

-i replaced the original HD (500gb, 5v 700mA) for an SSD (250gb, 5V 2A)

-i upgraded (long ago) from 4Gb of ram (2x2Gb) to 8Gb (2x4Gb)

-the optical unit consumes 1.6A

-the battery works around 5A-6A

ok, so the question is: can the Ampere consumption damage a new battery ? can i balance that by removing the optical unit?

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Do you still have the old battery? If you do, does it drain the same way as the one you just bought.

@shoegazer the issue is not the power consumption of the peripherals. I would suggest that this is stemming from your battery. "my computer started to complain about the battery condition" how? What did it tell you?

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