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3DS XL shuts off sometimes when closing screen

I have a 3DS XL that's in fairly good condition that I'd like to be able to reuse or resell.

Problem is, after a long period of disuse, when I finally charged the battery, I began noticing problems.

1) The charging light will turn off after a period of charging, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to stay on as long as it's plugged in, at least that's how the New 3DS XL works.

2) More importantly, sometimes, upon closing it, instead of going into sleep mode it will just shut off completely, and needs to be turned on with the power button. I haven't been able to replicate exactly how it's happening.

Does anyone know what could potentially be causing this?

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Sounds like you have the following problems.

  1. This seems to be a battery going bad and not able to hold a charge anymore. Try getting another battery or a cheap one off eBay to see if that fixes the problem.
  2. There is a nick or fault in one of the flex ribbons going from the top portion to the lower portion of the XL. You're going to need to tear the system down and inspect all three ribbons to see which one is faulty or near busted (it could be all three as well). Generally, there will probably be a tiny cut or severe crimp in the ribbon that is causing the system to short out and shut down.

Follow this guide in order to get at the three ribbons: Nintendo 3DS XL Upper LCD Display Replacement

Good luck with the inspection and take your time.

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The battery seems fine - if I don't close it, it'll happily run for hours and hours until it runs flat - but the ribbon cables do seem likely. I'll take it apart and check once my new #000 screwdriver arrives - old one's gone walkabout somewhere.

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@starayo Oh, don't know why I didn't think of this. You're battery port terminals are probably compressed too much and not making perfect contact. Take some fine point tweezers and lift the pins inside your charge port to make a stronger connection to the charger. I do this all the time when I get units in that don't charge or have charging issues.

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I didn't find any faults in the flex ribbons - but it seems that disconnecting and reassembling it solved whatever the issue is, as I've had it running smoothly for about a week now! :)

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