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LaCie D2 DVD firewire drive no power?

No power to DVD firewire drive, trying to repair...

I know it's worth very little but I wasn't happy just throwing this DVD drive in the bin, so I thought I would have a go at repairing it and then give it away.

I'm not getting any apparent power to the drive, the switch doesn't light up/turn on and the eject button doesn't work. I've tried a different power adaptor.

I have an older working external CD DRIVE from Lacie which has the same enclosure, it's easy to take apart so I swapped the identical little circuit board with the black four pin power socket from that over to the DVD drive, I also tried swopping the wire that goes from the switch to this component as they were also identical.

However I'm still not getting any power. Does anyone have any idea what the faulty component might be based on this? Is it something that's swappable with the CD drive? or shall I just chuck it.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your replies, it's definitely the right adaptors and plugging it in via firewire doesn't make any difference. I'd rather not start messing with my desktop as it's my work machine so I think I'll accept defeat on this one and bin it.

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I've swapped power supplies from my external hard drives with my DVD drive with no problem. I have noticed that I don't get a blue light on my optical until it plugged into a computer. Try plugging it into a computer.

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Be sure you have the correct power supply. Lacie made a bunch of drives with that four pin connector, but they came with many different power supplies, and using the wrong one could hurt the enclosure.

If you're not getting power to the drive in the enclosure, try removing the drive itself and installing it in a desktop computer to determine if the problem is with the drive or the enclosure. Frequently the enclosure is the problem, which still means you can use the drive as an internal without the enclosure.

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