The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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Sleep Switch Stuck On

Ok, so I recently dropped my 2ds on the ground, and It wouldn't power on. I later went and figured out that the charging light WOULD come on, so I messed around with the sleep switch (fiddling it around) while pressing power. It came on, but went directly to sleep mode. How do I fix/replace the Sleep Switch?

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I would first suggest just opening the device and see how badly damaged the sleep switch is.

Best case, the switch just needs to be reset.

Worst case, it might need to have a new one soldered on.

Here's an image of where to find the sleep switch if/when you open the device. Follow this guide to remove the logic board for inspection: Nintendo 2DS Motherboard Replacement

You could possibly get away with desoldering the lid to the switch and inspecting the switch to see how damaged it is. Honestly though, I had a similar issue with a 2DS I fixed up. Reseating the outer switch to the inner fixed the problem.

Good luck!

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