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Laptops manufactured by Dynabook (formerly Toshiba). Toshiba has since transferred 100% ownership of the laptop business to Sharp.

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My Toshiba laptop powers up, but the screen is black.

My laptop powers up, but the screen is black.

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It works for me but it won't stay for long powered on... It blacks out again :/

Any suggestions??

MY SON'S SUGGESTION...IT WORKED FOR ME!....Try taking out the battery and putting it back in. Then press shift, F8, and the power button at the same time

Thank you so much!!! I'm going to pass this on to everyone I know. I don't know what caused it to do this in the first place. I'm just happy it worked and I didn't spend hours taking it apart and fixing it

The battery thing did not work for me.

Taking the battery out/f8/shift/power worked for me today! Thank you!!!!!!!

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Hook up an external monitor to determine if you have a motherboard or LCD problem. If the external monitor works, the trouble is with the display or its cables. You should also confirm that your memory is properly installed, and you may want to replace your BIOS battery. I have included a link to disassembly instructions for your unit. Good luck.


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It worked thank u

it worked yepi yepi :) :) :)

IT WORKED FOR ME TOO! (pressing shift, F8, and the power button at the same time). But WHY did it happen in the first place????!

what if sir dont work to external monitor?

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The "black screen of death" is usually very easy to repair on a laptop. First, turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. Next, unplug the computer and remove the battery. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds. Release the button and plug in the computer. Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery. If this does not work, try it again up to four times. Getting no results usually indicates a bad motherboard. I hope this helps.

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Wow, worked like a charm! I can get my assignment turned in!!!!

Thank you !!!! Fixed it on the first try :D

I have a Toshiba laptop that was powering up, but the screen would not turn on. this method fixed the problem on the first try!

it worked!.. thank you dude...

Add my thanks to the above!! Took only one time!! Sure is great to get such terrific assistance online!!

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i think i can give you some tips about this -

1- just remove the battery and turn off the charge and laptop .

2-rest for 2 min and than plug the power(Battery) back to laptop

3. press the power key and hold it for like 1 min and restart the computer

if this does not work try restarting the computer in safe mode

1- just restart the computer and press f8 and select safe mode and once you are in computer try updating windows and graphic driver and remove some of start up programs which might can create issues

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thanks it was helpful . i fixed my friends laptop . thanks a ton

great i got it fixed . worked like charm

Thanks that worked

Well I've tried several of these remedies listed here with no avail. So now what?

I make my living from my phone and laptop... I show people how to get paid to share apps and games. Please help!

my toshiba laptop turns on no display no blackscreen capslock an numlock turns on but no display pls i need help

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For those of you with a laptop that does not have a removable battery, this might help. Hold down the power button to shut off the computer, but DON'T TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE POWER BUTTON. Hold it there for about 60 seconds more, and then remove your finger. Then, press the power button again to turn the computer on. I did this, and it worked for me :)

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effectively: what other people have said...

Thank you so much, it worked for my, Toshiba Satellite L50-A.

This worked. Thank you.

I worked!!!

Thank you sooo much.

It dide t work now is just blowibg air

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see comment No beeps, no post just Black Screen

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the one by oldturkey above worked for me! :)

Did a lot of searching, and by crikey oldturkey's one worked for me too just now. Seems bizarre, almost like voodoo, but this seemed like the easiest solution from all the other ones I found to try.

Note: my wife pulled the battery out and it still didn't work, but I followed those instructions exactly and it's perfect now first time!

I thought it might be over for my laptop but I tried what oldturkey03 suggested and it worked on my first attempt. If you still check this post, thanks a bunch oldturkey03.


oldturkey03's method worked perfect for me. However, the windows seems to have a problem loading up, the system probably fell. Installed a new copy and is working fine now, thank you.

I did as above old turkey o3, worked first time, I had been working on my daughters toshiba for a few hours went away , came back and blank screen. Even after forcing shut down still nothing. I thought a trip to the computer shop was in order!! But thought I'd google the problem and was directed to here and the rest is history back up and running so so easy thank you old turkey03

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I also have this type of problem where power on the screen is blank or black.

What I did was to press Fn (Function key) and F5 at the same time. After pressing it for some times my laptop boot.

It works for me.

Try it and give feedback.


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it helps!! thank you so much!! now all I got to do is make sure this won't happen again!! thank you again!

Stupid question what is a Function key

I got my laptop back 3rd time round. 1. was screen 2nd was motherboard 3rd was Harddrive. After putting everything back into Toshiba Laptop everything seemed fine until I switched it off. Later when restarting keyboard lit up but screen black. I tried all the methods above until FN F5 idea and it came to life. 1 thing is for certain...Toshiba Satellite is a dud or I was unlucky to get that 1 oddball that just gives problems. mustve been the laptop that was last job on a Friday knockoff. cheers K49 AMBO.

nothing worked for me. Only time i get it to work is to remove heatsink replace paste and heat with hair drier before i put it back together. Works for a while then i turn it off and when i come back t turn it on it is blank screen but making noise as if working.

I tried the once from above, but none of them worked, but this one did. Thanks

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I have a small electronics repair shop out of my home and just yesterday checked in a third Toshiba machine with this same problem: failed GPU. Cause: overheating.

Each owner has said the same thing: over the past few months, every once in a while the screen stayed black during boot-up, but a restart or something similar like removing the battery, letting it sit overnight, or power-cycling made it boot correctly. Eventually nothing would help and they brought their laptops in for repair.

On the first machine I had to troubleshoot for quite a while before determining the issue, including everything mentioned here in this thread, until finally deciding to replace the mobo over re-soldering the GPU (which I incorrectly assumed was my only option). On the second unit I reflowed using a hairdryer, followed by my kitchen oven. Big job. Didn't want to have to do that with this machine, so I'm borrowing a heat gun tomorrow and using this procedure found on YouTube:


(Warning: rated PG due to mild cursing)

This is a known issue with the laptops in this line and while one of the other suggestions might work and solve your specific problem, be on the watch for the graphics to eventually die due to dust and/or heat buildup in the future. It's HIGHLY recommended to use a cooling pad under these systems (some of the Toshiba User Manuals even go so far as to tell you that you NEED to use one rather than just SUGGEST it.) and to periodically tear-down and clean out the inside around the heatsink, fan, etc. You'll find the dustier or dirtier your normal environment, the more often you'll need to do it---at least twice per year is a good start, especially if you own pets that shed.

If you would like a copy of my t-shoot list to rule out all the other possible problems that can cause the black screen of doom, message me and I'll be glad to share it. Otherwise, assume your machine needs the gpu reflowed and don't trash it!

The hard disk, OS, screen, etc. are all still fine and in working order (unless you've inadvertently pressed the appropriate keys and don't something to the bios or something weird like that.)

IMO, Toshibas are good machines. I still have my original with Windows 95 on it! I own several models and have found, with the proper maintenance, that they'll last well past 10 years. (Believe it or not, I've found that Dells and Acers are the next best performers among abusive users. LOL.) Every manufacturer has weaknesses: none are perfect. Don't expect to not have issues with electronics because you'll always end up disappointed. Heat, dust and mishandling are the three biggest killers.

Good luck - I hope this helps some of you.


~Psalm 103~

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Exactly, The same thing happening. The Toshiba Skullcandy are mostly affected. The GPU is dyeing after a certain time. I have seen many in these days. Everything else will work but you wont get a display. And also others stated in previous comments there is no BIOS/CMOS battery in these models, at least the Satellite L50-C models. It is difficult sometimes to determine what is causing the issue. Believe me and Mary as describing in the post an end user can not do much more in this situation. Thanks for your post Mary much appreciated the time to point the common fault in these machines.

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Something funny - my own very very dim screen problem problem turned out to be Toshiba's eco setting which set brightness to 1. I had accidentally pressed a button that switches it on. The display is so dim it looks off, unless you shine a flashlight on it. Connecting to external display and undoing the eco setting solved it.

This was post Windows 10 though, I'm posting it here in case it helps someone.

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how to increase eco setting brightness in toshiba satellite l55-a5226 laptop

?i am also persuing with same problem.

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If battery removal doesn't work, change your RAM. Low ram makes computer slow and eventually creates black screen.

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After removing and replacing the battery, trying the f8/shift/power a dozen times…nothing.

So I took the battery “smacked it a couple times and blew the battery terminals out with air"

Put it back in hit f8/shift/power = BOOM!!! Screen on!


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this one had a brand new battery in it when i got it. believe it was the ribbon plug from the board to the screen that was bad, but i didn't intend to waste any more money or time on it so a scrapped it for parts . so the case is now closed. so no need to send any further answeres/theories etc. It iis in the scrap bin at our local Good will now .

Hello Tim,

Thanks for your help! I did exactly as you mentioned - Push simultaneously F8-Shift-Power On - and IT WORKS! (My computer has Windows 10 Home installed). Following is the info of my laptop I bought in 2008.

Satellite L300-D - 044 System Unit

Model #: PSLC8C-04401R

(I went to Toshiba support website and tried what it suggests in Trouble shooting. It didn't solve the "Black screen" problem. Then I searched on the Internet and found Tim's solution. I tried what Tim suggested. And it works! Once more MANY THANKS TO TIM!

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I was having the same problem and tried every trouble shooting recommendation listing in every post… yet they did not work!

BUT I did figure something out ^.^

The problem is NOT that the BIOS can't save the settings, since even after the battery was removed for some time. The settings I put in were still in the BIOS if I got to it by tapping F2!

So…. The system must store the BIOS settings in another form of memory that does not need constant power ;) Flash memory perhaps?

So I figured that the problem is that before staring the OS, the BIOS checks to see if the BATTERY has enough charge to complete a successful BOOT.

But even if the bettery is dead, the system STILL has enough power if it is PLUGGED IN!

So I figured that the BIOS needed to be active long enough for the battery to return a reading that “was up to snuff” to do a successful BOOT.

¿So what would keep the BIOS active long for the battery to read a consistent and sufficient power to achieve a successful BOOT?!?!?

I added a system “BIOS” User and Manager PASSWORD ^_-

Once I did this, and made sure all the other BIOS settings were appropriate for my OS (Linux Mint 19), I rebooted the computer…

It asked for my User password, and I entered it…

… Then Grub started and with a stroke of the “Enter" key…

Successful BOOT!!!!

Hope this helps someone!

We are @WitWGARA be a part of #OurMischief ^_^

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good points ...

but in my case, i've NEVER been using the battery because it's been dead for ages now, also already disconnected from the laptop and kept in a box somewhere ... so, that means i'm using the PSU all the time anyway!

the BIOS pw trick would also come in handy but the problem with MY Toshiba laptop is that i can't even get to the BIOS anymore: the laptop starts but before you even know it, the HD doesn't respond AT ALL and no F-keys do ANYTHING and all that happens is just a very noisy fan working!

the problem with my laptop started mostly after i added more RAM to it: used to have 4GB but has 8GB now ... (that puts so much pressure on the PSU which not only causes trouble when starting the laptop, it may as well damage certain components! (have had a similar issue with another laptop in the past as well ...)

i've just let the laptop rest and am back using my desktop workstation, which is much better anyway ... but i still have some useful info on that laptop which i don't like to lose!

The BIOS password would only work if the problem is your battery not holding a charge well, or maybe at all (but being installed). So in other words it's a way to get passed any timeouts in the BIOS if for whatever reason the computer did not detect the power cord for whatever reason.

I would like to point this out:

If the battery is disconnected and the laptop turns on, then the system is bypassing the built in UPS system witch in most laptops, acts as an additional protection against power surges. That means that when you put in a new RAM chip you may have surged your system. That means the reason it's not getting to the BIOS is that you may have wiped the BIOS with a power surge.

It happened to me and I only kept the flashing light on the bottom button and it usually switched on the machine and returned.

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Toshiba c50-b-14d Black Screen/Battery?

I have seen it working around a month ago at a friends house. I since bought it without a charger.

I have a charger 19.5V Toshiba Correct Fitting.

Black Screen

I have tried power of 60s

Remove battery + Fn F5

Remove battery + F8 + Shift

When I try holding power with a and b the nothing happens. If I press power and it turns on then try holding power with a and b it turns of after about 15sec

I have tried this with just the power no battery. A white light comes on at the front.

I have tried charging the laptop and all I see is a solid orange light sometimes and sometimes an orange light flashing.

I am unable to check on a monitor as I dont have one.

Please help.

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WOW! Battery out, plugged in then shift>F8>power button....WORKED! After I tried many times and even shut down for the night, tried again in the am and then finally found this advice! Thank you SO much! You're all lifesavers! My battery doesn't work anyway, not sure why I even have had it in, it just makes it that much heavier when I travel!

Thank you all again!!!

Some liquid pour into my laptop and unscrew it clear everything and sun dry a lil bit and repacked,when I ON my system it come up unfortunately I wanted to watch a movie and it went off,since then I've been unable to fix it,the power button is ON but it won't display so I tried the remove the battery and put back and I press alt + f8 + power button together lo and behold it's on and repair my PC is good as new that's alot.

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The problem is much more simple in my case after long time boot with black screen in windows 10 toshiba satellite: problem is with graphic card driver, usually after install windows graphic card driver is allready there, in my case amd radeon hd, but windows ask you on install to dual monitors graphic card, all of us maybe check yes. In Device Manager I disabled in Display Adapters this Dual Monitors adapter, remaining only simple amd driver and display boot on restart very fast. Check your graphic device!

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I just my Toshiba Laptop which was "Black Screen" (NOT DISPLAYING) working again by following the steps

*Turning off the Laptop

*Unplug the power or Charger

*Remove the battery

*Plug in the charger, Turn it on again then Shut it Down by pressing the Start key + power button

*Release them and Hold down the power for 60 sec

*Turn it on again

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The monitor and keyboard on my 4 year old Toshiba Qosmio X75 Laptop would not turn on.

Here are a few things that I tried...

1. Press the F4 button (or FN+F4 keys simultaneously) to switch to external monitor and then again to switch back to the laptop monitor.

2. Press the Window key and the P key simultaneously, as per the manual's troubleshooting suggestion.

3. Unplug the power cord, remove the battery, plug in the power cord, press and hold the SHIFT/F8/Power buttons simultaneously (a quick press during the first attempt and then I held them for over a minute on the second attempt).

4. Press and hold the power button for more than a minute.

5. Remove the cover on the bottom of the laptop, remove the RAM memory cards, and put them back in to make sure they are seated properly.

This one fixed the problem...

6. Replace the CMOS battery (a CR2032 coin cell lithium battery). After four years of use, the old one was completely dead.

Hope this helps!

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Hello. My laptop was last used about three years ago. It was kept under our computer desk for a while when taking college courses on site for two years and online for the last year using a new laptop.

My wife took it out under the desk and asked me to try to see if it still works. It had a black screen.

# I followed the steps you suggested.

# I tried what others did by pressing FN and F5 simultaneously, but still nothing happened.

# I removed the RAM and cleaned both it and the hard drive, replaced the battery and the hard drive. Still nothing happened.

Do you have any suggestions?

Kind regards,


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Hello everyone,

The following is the solution given by Tim (See above) to the “Black screen” problem. I followed his solution and IT WORKS!. Here is my comments about his/her help:

“Hello Tim,

Thanks for your help! I did exactly as you mentioned - Push simultaneously F8-Shift-Power On - and IT WORKS! (My computer has Windows 10 Home installed). Following is the info of my laptop I bought in 2008.

Satellite L300-D - 044 System Unit

Model #: PSLC8C-04401R

(I went to Toshiba support website and tried what it suggests in Trouble shooting. It didn't solve the "Black screen" problem. Then I searched on the Internet and found Tim's solution. I tried what Tim suggested. And it works! Once again MANY THANKS TO TIM!”

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Hi, my toshiba wouldn’t come on when it has a battery in it, I change the battery but the problem still persists, it only displays power button light but the screen wouldn’t come on, it only comes on whenever I remove the battery

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