will not power on

laptop will not power on, plug it in push the power button nothing happens

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do you see a light on the laptop usually orange or green it should be flashing or static ... this will tell you if the laptop is getting power

no, nothing, thank you

bought new power adapter and still nothing, could it be in the jack where you plug in the adapter

Hi, Try the following. Remove the charger from the laptop, then remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds then release the button. Reconnect the charger, ensure that it is switched on (leave the battery out at this stage) and try to start the laptop.

If the laptop starts normally, wait until the laptop has completely booted and reached the Windows desktop then shut down the laptop in the normal manner. Disconnect the power to the laptop, reinsert the battery, reconnect the charger (switch on the power to the charger) and try to start the laptop.

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