ZTE Zmax Z981 charging port

Hello guys I've been looking !&&* n' high water for a video or fixit for this model, i need to repair charging port i can find things close to this model such as charging ports, repalcement screens but nothing for this actual model number,please help. if anyone needs any information please contact, thanks.ZTE Zmax

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If anyone can't help can i at least get a pointer to someone who sells cell phone parts.

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Hi, @chipsjoint

I agree, it is very difficult to find any parts relating to this model. Suggest perhaps if you have the phone open that you take pictures of the charging port, (is it actually damaged or just broken off the board? If just off the board and you haven't got the tools then any reputable phone repair service should be able to resolder it back on) and then see if you can image match using Google to give you information regarding the exact type etc.

Also you might wish to check if there is any 'information' stamped on the port itself. If so it might give you a clue. Just google the information (nothing about port or ZTE -that will just skew the result) and see if the results are worth following.

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) Disassembly

here you go man

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Wonderful! Now instead of getting it replaced under manufacturer warranty for $30, I can take it apart and get rid of this piece of SH@#. It will be an enjoyable task. What a waste of money, just when I thought those of us with low incomes were getting a real break from MetroPCS. So much promise, so many problems.

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try ebay

type this in zte xmaxx pro Z981

and you will find some parts

and other things

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