220 Volt power support?

Hi There,

Have brought a samsung 40" television (model UN40H6350AF) from the US to Europe.

The label on the back of the case says AC110-120V ~50/60 HZ

As we in Europe use 220V i thought of two solutions for use in Europe:

1) A step down converter from 220V to 110V.

2) Replacing the power board

For the purpose of 2) i tried to open the thing, and to my surprise, the powerboard seem to be mared with 100-240V 50/60 Hz

So, should it just work?

I would tend to say yes, however have anyone here had a similar situation and tried it (would prefer not to destroy the TV by testing)?

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Martin Kuld my information shows the same thing. Dual voltage power board. I'd just plug it in since I am certain this board is meant for multiple countries and will work. Of course you'll need an adapter for the outlet.

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