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No Power coming from tool

I was cutting a sheet of paneling and the tool stopped and the 3 battery indicating light on the tool was flashing 1 at a time so i plugged in the battery and set to charge and after charged the same 3 lights on the tool were still blinking and still no power to the tool

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Hi Kevin,

It's hard to say without seeing the tool but from what I can tell from your post is that you need a new battery or new charger.

When you put the battery on the charger it should blink. When the battery is fully charged the lights should be solid green. If the battery has had enough time to charge it should be good to go. From my research this seems like a common problem with that model.

Not sure how long you've had this tool but it does come with a 2 year warranty.

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3 "flashing" lights means the battery is to hot for use.

Update (01/05/2018)

If you have a defective unit you can contact dremel and they may send you a replacement.


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The unit has "flashing lights" when the unit is cold. I can't get the unit to even come on to get hot. But thanks for your comment

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Hi Kevin,

From my research I can say that you probably have a faulty battery or charger.

The green lights blink when the battery needs charged. If the batter was given enough time to charge the lights will be solid green.

I know your tool should come with a 2 year warranty. I would check into that if it's within the time frame.

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