3MB 공유 L3 캐시 2.5 GHz 듀얼-코어 Intel Core i5 프로세서 (Turbo Boost 최대 3.1 GHz).

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Dual SSD for MacBook Pro?

Hello guys, is there any way we can dual boot or do a double SSD for a macbook pro retina 2012 13inch A1425? I was looking for a Solid State Drive Tray for this device but can't find any. Could u guys please tell me if anyone of you has done it already?

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I have request that https://www.tardisk.com give us a solution to your issue. Watch for a post from them or Sebastian their online rep.

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Hi there,

My name is Bill and I am a customer specialist at TarDisk, the company Mayer referenced above.

TarDisk is the only product on the market that expands your existing Macbook drive into one unified expanded volume, allowing you to run software and recall media files at the same exact speed as your drive before, all with no tools required. This also keeps your computer running fast and prolongs the time before you need to buy a new MacBook, saving you money in the long run.

It is a plug and play solution, you just have to install and immediately add 128 or 256GB of SSD storage, seamlessly integrated.

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Bill, Thanks so much for joining us. I do have a question. Does the TarDisk create a fusion drive? If the main drive fails, how to you recover the data on the TarDisk?

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I'm not quite sure if these steps will work 100%, but i think it's worth the try..

We'll be needing these 2 devices to make this storage upgrade possible.

1. A Lightweight mSATA to 18 Plus 8 Pin SSD Adapter for MacBook Pro Retina.

2. Samsung T3 Portable SSD - 250GB - USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PT250B/AM), just for the sake of running this test, if it is 100% working flawlessly we can install the 2TB ssd version afterwards.

5 simple installation steps and you're done.

1. Install the mSATA to 18 Plus 8 Pin SSD Adapter on your MacBook pro.

2. Open/Dismantle carefully the Samsung T3 250GB SSD casing, you'll notice that the Samsung T3 SSD is attached to mSATA adapter to type-C.

3. Carefully remove the samsung T3 SSD from the type-C adapter.

4. Insert the samsung T3 250GB SSD onto the mSATA slot to 18 Plus 8 Pin SSD Adapter, the one you installed in step 1.

5. Put all the parts together of your Macbook pro, boot up and test the new SSD drive.

If it detects the drive then you can install fresh iOS on it, then you can upgrade your MacBook pro storage up to 2TB SSD at a cost of under 800 dollars.

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Sorry Jozac - The OP wanted a dual drive setup not a different drive. Even still Apple's implementation of SSD interface is an odd duck here. we attempted to upgrade using a M.2 SSD using an adapter tray we discovered the I/O was slower and was not as reliable (popping errors!) I don't recommend using this method. Instead I would go with the OWC SSD while a bit more expensive it at least is reliable and they will stand by the part.

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I recently added a Samsung NVMe drive to my 2014 MBP using the cheap $10 adapter tray, and am getting the full 3000+ and 1000+ MB/s read and write speeds. But, I too am curious if there is a way to add a 2nd drive as well. I can't really see any space inside to add one inside, short of putting it above the ram chips, which seems like a bad idea.

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