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The 8th and final generation of the Eldorado.

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How to replace plug-in type relay with correct orintation

1999 Cadillac ETC

I have an electronics background, so after my mechanic

keep my car over four months, and then gave up trying

to fix it, i got the prints and started checking it myself.

First thing I noticed is that there are many plug in relays

that have the id of omron 8567, and all these relays have

had the 87a pin cut off, which would allow someone to

plug in backwards. I can't find documentation to show what

the correct orientation should be. Can you help me out?

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@bjacount on the Omron 8567 pin87-pin30 and pin85-pin86 are diagonal from each other so that even if you flip it around it still works properly Pin 87a is commonly left disconnected unless it is in a circuit with a sensor.

Block Image

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Very helpful, thank you very much for taking the time to answer.

I don’t recall seeing this situation before. Since there are multiple

Mal-functions, (trunk lid, gas cap, Instrument pnl lights), Going on

when turning on the key, It was easy for me to except the possibility

of a relay being wrong. I may take another look, I do recall an open

ground will do similar things. Thanks Again!

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I really love my '96 ETC. I would just go to a parts store, take the relay, buy a new one and ask why anyone would cut a pin. Looks to me like orientation may or may not be an issue (there is a lot of confusion on the web posts) . If you tell me where to locate the ones you are looking at, I can go look at mine, shot a photo if need be and give you a better answer.

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Thank You for your reply! Yes, this has been one of the most enjoyable cars for us also to own.

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