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Wifi signal very weak and no bluetooth

Hello to everyone!

I have an iphone 5s with a little waterdamage.

Allready gave it a bath in isopropanol vor a couple of hours. The logicboard seems to be in good condition. As i can see.

The signal is very crapy, i have to sit in front of the rooter to get a connection.

  • I have allready checke'd if there are any missing cap's.
  • And also changed the wifi chip with no luck.
  • Also tried a different backcover with different wifi antenna.
  • The white capacitator near the chip has also been replaced , nothing changed.
  • The blutooth isn't working eather, only a spinning wheel so no on or off switching possible.

It would be very nice if anybody had a tip for me.

Thanks mischa

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Any idea would bes helpfull. Nobody?

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It sounds like you are very comfortable doing micro-soldering repairs and BGA rework. The WLAN & BT are controlled by the same chip and you have already replaced it with a new one (or reball?). Did you check the voltage rails going to the chip? Perhaps the problem is coming from the PMIC?

Did you remove the shields prior to cleaning the board? Perhaps there is some corrosion happening underneath them.

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Hello, thanks a lot vor your awnser!

And sorry for my late reply.

Yes i removed all shields and done proper cleaning.

The L9_RF is giving me strange voltage.... I will check the voltage and PMIC, when i'll find some time. Right now i'm in christmas anger at work. I'll let you now when i checked that voltage thing.

Thanks anyway for now!!!

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