Why is my screen image and fonts so erratic?

Image size can go from 200% to 10% for no known reason . This is my wife's laptop - problem started after change from W8.1 to W10. Looked at settings but cannot find anything to suit. To go back to W8.1 aand reinstall W10 will cost us £100.

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What is the model number of your laptop?

Does this happen when using a particular program or does it happen anywhere, e.g. even the desktop?

Try booting into 'safe mode' and see if it happens.


If not then a program is causing the problem. When in normal boot mode, use startup tab in task manager to see which programs are loaded on startup. One of these may be causing the problem.

Have you checked that you have the correct Win 10 graphics adapter drivers for your laptop from HP?

May seem a bit odd but try connecting an external monitor and see if its display stays OK.

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When upgrading to windows 10 you will often need to upgrade your drivers as well . Have you done the updates for windows 10 yet or just the install. If not go to your windows updates and run the updates till your up to date completely . If this brings no joy then go into the device manager and find the display adapter. Does it tell you what your display adapter is or does it say generic. If it says generic go to HP support enter your laptop model and look for the proper driver for your display adaptor, download it and install. You may also want to check your other drivers to make sure they are up to date with the windows change. Hope this helps

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