"Boot device not found"

Hi! I was getting the error "Boot device not found, Please install an Operating System". But when I restarted my computer, it started working fine (I went to my Windows). But I need to know what could have happened and what measures should I take now to prevent it from happening again? Also, my laptop is getting stuck for, like, milliseconds so I am scared that it might happen again. The first time it happened, my screen got stuck then I got the message that there are some errors. When it restarted, I got that black screen.

Please respond soon and let me know what I should do now!

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What you should do first if your laptop is working is ''BACKUP all your personal data '' to an external portable USB HDD. This way you have it all saved if your HDD fails completely.

Then you can try to find out what the problem is.

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Hello Abreeza!

This might indicate a problem with your HDD/SSD.

Please install HDTUNE and select your primary HDD/SSD.

Next you will have to click the HEALTH button and look for errors.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the reply! In the health tab, I am getting failed for an unknown attribute. I really don't know what it means so I am going to share what is says there:

Current -> 96

Worst -> 96

Threshold -> 97

Data -> 4

Status -> Failed

Do you know what this means? Also, how can I fix this?

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You did everything correctly! Thats great!

Sadly it seems that your HDD is failing.

You have 2 options now:

1: You can copy important data to a exterior drive and remove the broken HDD and replace it with a new HDD or SSD(i would recommend the SSD).

2: Remove the failing HDD and replace it with a new HDD/SSD. You can now use the old failing HDD as a exterior drive(with a sata to usb adapter or case).

Although the failing HDD is not suited for windows it might be good enough for some form of data storage.

Good Luck!

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Backup your important files first, then try to reformat your Laptop. If still happening your HDD/SDD is failing, replacing it may fix the problem.

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