A 5.0" HD display Android device released in September 2015.

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Device Forcibly Restarts Every Ten Minutes, For 1-4 Hours

Title sums up a good TL:DR of my issue; but to elaborate, I have managed to clock the frequency of this forced restart (more like a constant crashing, like a system-wide memory leak or critical process failing) at ten minutes with little to no deviation based on my PC's time. It'll keep doing this for a few hours, the duration of the issue does vary. As I'm typing this, it finally stopped doing it about twenty minutes ago, and started two and a half hours ago.

I can't say it's an issue unique to this model, any more than I can figure out the exact cause of it; my previous phone was a BLU Studio Energy 2 (broke from something else soon after it was discontinued, was definitely a better phone in my opinion). It had this exact same issue, and in both devices it started happening somewhere around three months of use. My best guess from this is it's something software/firmware/driver related that at least these two models share.

Any advice, or is this something simply out of my hands short of buying something not from BLU? It's definitely inconvenient, but it's not something I'd personally go out and buy a new phone over.

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Try the following:

1. back up the phone using the phone's backup feature

2. fully charge the phone's battery

3. factory restore the phone using the phone's factory restore feature

4. once restored to factory default condition check if the problem persists.

If it does, possible hardware fault.

If not, restore the phone from the backup made earlier using the phone's restore feature.

5. Check if the problem is back

If not problem solved by reset.

If it is, uninstall your downloaded apps one at a time to see if the problem stops (check between each uninstall to see which app may be causing the problem)

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