Problems with picture I.E. multiple coulerd lines

TV works up stairs on indoor Ariel. down stairs on out door aired picture OK for ten minits then goes into multiple orezontel coulerd lines

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Does it work OK downstairs with the indoor aerial?

Check the signal strength and quality of the TV signal by using the TV's inbuilt diagnostic feature.

Here is a link that shows you where it is.

If the signal is better with the indoor aerial than the outdoor aerial check that the outdoor aerial is mounted and facing in the correct direction to the transmitter, (look at the neighbours' aerial to see which way they are pointing)

If the aerial seems OK check the aerial cable connections to make sure that they are connected properly at all connection points, (if more than just at the aerial and the TV input connection point)

Ensure that the aerial cable does not pass too close to electrical equipment, to minimize the effect of electrical interference.

If the TV is powered via a powerboard, try connecting it directly to a mains outlet to see if this resolves the problem.

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